Thank God for Mama and Papa: Down Through the Years…Aiding the Mentally Challenged Breast Cancer Survivor!

Bishop Margaret Bingham Chaney

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Bishop Margaret Bingham Chaney’s positive attitude will lift your spirit as you read Thank God for Mama & Papa. A black woman born in a poor rural area of Red Lick, Mississippi, Chaney was raised by her grandparents. She knew hardship from an early age, but Mama and Papa instilled in her a godly character, unflappable perseverance, and a deep faith in the power of God.

Chaney’s life’s work has been to minister to the mentally challenged. In the workplace she encountered obstacles of racism, theft, liars, and betrayal. She always remembers the words of her grandparents: “Sister Baby! Don’t stop praying. Let nothing shake your faith in God. God has a way that you cannot see.” The wisdom they instilled in her enabled her to trust the Lord to see her through every difficulty.

This firm foundation was never needed more than when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Leaning on the support of close family and friends, Chaney journeyed through chemotherapy treatments and now praises God for her cancer-free life. Her battle with cancer birthed the Margaret Walker Breast Cancer Foundation, which provides support to cancer patients and their family members.

While this book is undeniably uplifting, it is rather disjointed. The storyline jumps around and some information is likely only pertinent to those directly involved in Chaney’s life. The book is more of a tribute to the people Chaney loves than it is a cohesive autobiography. The family pictures and newspaper articles included will either help draw readers into Chaney’s life or leave them feeling as if they’re thumbing through a stranger’s scrapbook.

Despite these factors, this book will give any reader hope and encouragement to place his or her trust in God and to know that failure is not an option for the righteous.

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