Terminology Workbook for Medical Interpreters: A Language-Neutral Reference Tool

Cynthia Mauleón

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Author Cynthia Mauleón delivers exactly what the title promises: a comprehensive medical terminology workbook to assist interpreters of any language in developing a useful glossary of terms that are likely to come up in a medical assignment environment.

Her well-executed work reflects her personal experience of over 20 years as an interpreter and trainer of interpreters. In addition to extensive word lists that cover basic anatomy and physiology, medical history, U.S. health care, pain, medications and other treatments, dental care, eye care, women’s health, pediatrics, and occupational health, she also covers common abbreviations and acronyms and the basic “tools of the trade” needed for competent medical interpreters.

Each chapter begins with a brief, informative, and sometimes humorous introduction that offers some practical insights into interpreting challenges for the particular discipline. For example, in the chapter on interpreting for dental care, titled “Open Your Mouth and Say ‘Ahhh,’” she writes the following: “Assuming you don’t have personal trauma to overcome in the dentist’s office, once you’ve mastered the basic dental vocabulary, interpreting for dental appointments is fairly straightforward—open, bite, close, rinse, repeat.”

On a serious note, in the introduction to the chapter on women’s health, “From Menarche to Menopause and Beyond,” she poignantly addresses the occasion of attending a birth when the baby doesn’t make it: “What an honor it is especially then to be a member of our noble profession, to give voice to words of both comfort and sorrow, and to make sure that our patients don’t have the added burden of a communication barrier in the midst of their raw grief.”

Terminology Workbook for Medical Interpreters is recommended for students, beginning and intermediate medical interpreters, as well as instructors who wish to supplement existing curriculum. This effective, well-designed workbook should be in the hands of every medical interpreter.

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