Tasting the Powers of the Age to Come

Elvis A. Mbonye

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Pastor and Prophet Elvis Mbonye of Uganda’s Zoe Fellowship Ministries is a Charismatic Christian spiritual leader, a Renewalist, who believes it is possible to “awaken humanity to the infinite realm of spirit and thereby live a transcendent life.”

In 1998, he witnessed a vision of the Lord Jesus, who bestowed upon him not only a ministerial calling but the spirit gifts of ESP, faith healing, and prophesy. Thus Born Again, his unusual dreams, visions and revelations were manifested in the real world: he predicted the re-election of President George W. Bush, and foresaw a yellow fever epidemic, a tsunami, and the horrible genocide that ensued in Africa, thus attracting a large and devoted following.

His book invites readers (and his followers throughout the world) to open themselves up to an awareness of what he terms the “eternal element” of life, something always present but rarely witnessed. In this way only, can people become free of the constraints of organized religion and welcome the existence and teachings of a compassionate Jesus, who loves and understands humankind.

The author advocates meditation, acceptance of the paranormal, and dream interpretation as vital steps on the path to Christian enlightenment. An evangelical work written in a warmly personal and enthusiastic tone, the book nonetheless lacks a consistent line from thought to thought and topic to topic in its seven chapters of brief teachings. As such, it is more likely to appeal to those who already follow Mbonye’s teachings than to gain an audience from the wider reading world.

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