Sweet Surrender

Salee Davids

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In her introductory passage titled “Who Is This Book For?” Salee Davids responds that her book “is for anyone and everyone who is looking for a happy life.” Her purpose is “to tell others how wonderful it is to know, and to have a personal relationship with Almighty God.” The book’s title is taken from a time in her life where she “totally surrendered to God.”

Davids’ heart shows in some chapter titles, such as: “Second Chance,” “How Do I Know What Is God’s Will For My Life?,” “How Do We Know It Is God Talking to Us?” She covers topics relating to the spiritual life of a believer, and she also briefly addresses nutritional and physical care.

Despite earnest intentions, however, the book lacks clear focus. A more outlined structure (with a Table of Contents) ordering the chapters so that salvation is explained early in the book, followed by topics of faith, prayer, and fasting would more clearly direct the reader. And more scriptural references would lend support to instructions. Finally, readers would appreciate knowing the author’s professional credentials, which aren’t mentioned in the book.

Another issue is Davids’ repeated references to her own divorce. The author acknowledges that the dissolution of her marriage might be a controversial subject for people of faith (“…you might ask, ‘Isn’t it wrong for a Christian to get a divorce?’ But mine was not a God approved [sic] marriage to start off with, so it didn’t survive”). This is an appropriate topic for discussion, but she refers to her divorce far too often, diluting her primary message of surrendering to God.

Grammatical errors (“I prayed for him ‘please Lord change him’ and nothing happened [sic] then I started praying for me, [sic] change me Lord.”) and a glaring repeat of a paragraph on page 52 indicate the need for editorial review.

Davids’ aim is to help others grow in faith. With some constructive tweaks to her manuscript, she would more easily hit her target.

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