Submerged in the Prophetic

Jocelyn Y. Buckley

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The word “prophecy” commonly invokes images of destruction and the end of the world. But for many Christians, prophecy is a way of interpreting and understanding the word of God in our day-to-day lives. In Submerged in the Prophetic, Baptist prophetess Jocelyn Y. Buckley offers a series of heart-felt reflections based on scripture for those struggling in life and growing impatient in their relationship with God.

Inspired by the lives and words of such biblical prophets as Elijah, Elisha and Samuel, Buckley reminds us to live beyond life’s daily obstacles, to remember that God is always in control. “There will be a time and a season in your prophetic walk when God will take you through a place called isolation because He wants you to see Him in all things,” the author counsels. “God will take you through a place called rejection because He wants you to realize that He accepts you as you are.” At the heart of all prophecy is hope, Buckley is saying. We can change our lives. We must change our lives.

Buckley’s poetic prose and thought-provoking insight demonstrates a mature and commanding understanding of sacred scripture. She argues for the need for personal prophetic vision—to experience God in all things—and does so with a homespun style and joyful spirit that is positive and encouraging.

Some constructive criticism: While Buckley has a breezy style, some chapters, for instance the introduction and biographical first chapter, could be combined for better efficiency. Also, while the content is overall superb (chapters 7 and 8 are standouts), the book could be better served with a more clearly defined thesis and a more in-depth discussion of how the author defines the word prophetic.

In the end, however, these are quibbles. Overall, Buckley has done a fine job here. Her book is a powerful and loving testament on how to live a life of purpose.

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