Stepping Stones for the Heart: Awakening with Jesus

Ann Paulson

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In October 1999, Ann Paulson began receiving messages from angels, spiritual beings, and Jesus—whom she calls Jeshua— in a concentrated four-month span. “I suspect that you will need an open-mind as you hear my story,” she writes, unashamedly admitting to her own three-year struggle “to completely accept [this development], digest it, or even begin to tell close friends about it.”

Paulson posits that we are currently in a “grand time,” yet humans struggle with an “alternating current” of belief between the spiritual and earthly physical realms. Denial is the “negative current” of the ego and mind, which fight spiritual awakening.

In Part One, she details how she received guidance to write the book from Jeshua and other spiritual beings, and recounts her upbringing and earlier adult life, also offering glimmers of past lives as Miriam, a contemporary of Jesus, and Rita, a nun who became a saint. She notes that certain memories were later confirmed by text in several books.

Part Two includes direct quotes from Jeshua, the angels, and God. Messages reflect on love, spiritual growth, prayer, purgatory, and more. While many read as aphorisms—“With the love in your heart, you are never alone” —the tone is warm, loving, and supportive. Overall, the message is love: “the love which drives out fear and brings in light and truth.”

Paulson delivers prose that’s folksy and unpolished. This works in her favor, granting her story more authenticity. The Jeshua depicted here is unexpectedly playful. Unfortunately, the past lives’ passages tend to drag, and Paulson often sounds star struck, as if shocked an ordinary girl like her could hold Jeshua’s attention and interest. This soon becomes offputting.

Readers might also wish she had detailed her everyday life once she became spiritually awakened, to balance the detail she includes of her daily life prior to this.

Regardless, readers open to a comfortable vision of Jesus as a friend will find this plainspoken narrative joyful and validating.

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