Staying Alive on Planet Earth 1

Lloyd E. McIlveen

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Factors that may contribute to longer life are examined in this sincere but limited book touting a path toward being healthier and happier as you age.

Lloyd E. McIlveen, who describes himself as being in his “more matured years,” shares details from his early life, when his low immunity led to numerous health issues and anxiety. Over time, both through consultations with medical professionals and personal self-study, he learned what foods and outside factors may contribute to ill health and shortened longevity and the benefits of holistic practices.

His book, written in a folksy style, touches on how the body is affected by viruses, bacteria and genetics, as well as the detriments of processed foods. In contrast, McIlveen touts the health benefits of natural herbs over the “harsh chemicals used in medical treatments such as chemotherapy and antibiotics.”

The author makes it clear that he is “not a registered professional health care advisor,” nor is the book to be “construed as an absolute cure for your ills.” He also recommends readers seek professional advice.

While the book offers potentially helpful details such as how various foods affect the digestive system and how herbal treatments “have been proven to stimulate the life and function of the macrophages (cells for reducing bacteria and waste),” the data is poorly documented. McIlveen lists just four scant sources, most dated by 30 to 40 years.

Overall, the material is awkwardly handled, wafting from subject to subject, The text is also rife with misspellings, including that of the name of a key source: nutrition expert Dr. Bernard Jensen, which is spelled Jenson.

In short, while McIlveen’s heart is in the right place in encouraging healthy lifestyle habits, the lack of expert sources verifying the material results in a mostly disappointing showcase for the subject matter.

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