St. Paul the Apostle: The Right Man at the Right Time

Irving Brittle Jr.

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Author Irving Brittle Jr. has dedicated many years to his study of the life and writings of St. Paul. In his well-researched and annotated volume, St. Paul the Apostle: the Right Man at the Right Time, he offers readers a thorough biographical investigation and logical compilation of biblical and historical information on this fascinating man.

Relying heavily on the biblical record and the research of dozens of theologians and historians, including Charles Stanley and James Tabor, Brittle traces the life and time of St. Paul, beginning with an overview of the Roman Empire and his life as a zealous Pharisee, as well as his conversion to Christianity. It then follows his travels throughout Asia minor to spread the teachings of Christ and “The Way.”

Brittle also provides outstanding summaries of St. Paul’s letters (epistles) to the newly formed churches and certain individuals. Paul’s letter to the Romans is given extra attention as it is considered his definitive treatise on Christian theology and most convincing apologetic for his faith. Brittle concludes by addressing the probable (but not proven) circumstances surrounding St. Paul’s death.

The book is well written and a pleasure to read. The author includes study questions at the end of each chapter, encouraging readers to reinforce information that might have piqued their interest.

Arguably, one might dispute Brittle’s rather frequent use of Wikipedia as a reliable resource. But if that can be put aside, readers who are students of the Bible, curious about the most prolific writer of the New Testament, or interested in the formation of and activities of the Christian church of the first century A.D. would find this book fascinating and a worthy addition to their libraries.

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