Spirit Guides on Speed Dial: A Pragmatic Approach to Getting What You Want

Jules Apollo

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In 35 years of helping others resonate with the positive energy of their spirit guides, Jules Apollo has simplified the process so that anyone, anytime, anywhere can start right away to improve any situation. She details that process in Spirit Guides on Speed Dial.

With the help of spirit guides (unseen beings, including angels, gods and goddesses, ancestor and nature spirits, even one’s own soul), Apollo promises a reader can “quiet your inner critics, forgive yourself, and rally support for every aspect of your dreams and goals.”

Over the past 35 years, Apollo has crafted scripts and tips that kick-start the process without need for special tools, the ability to meditate, or long stretches of undisturbed time. The most important requirements are “Intention, Imagination, and Energy, or inspired action.”

Apollo explains how to recognize the spirits’ presence, ask for help, and understand how the support arrives. This book is not a way to get rich quick; Apollo promises only that the guides will provide inspiration and self-confidence. Their role is to convince humans “You are divine, you are holy, you are needed, you are seen.

Apollo uses a wry sense of humor to argue her program’s benefits: “No special equipment is needed, no singing bowls, incense, meditation pillows, or special loungewear.” She invited her guides to contribute to the book and provides advice in their own words in Q&A sections throughout.

Apollo anticipates readers’ understandable skepticism and gently breaks down the resistance with thoughtful questions and clear suggestions for asking “What If?,” journaling, or sitting quietly in a sacred space. She provides specific sensations and experiences to watch for (goosebumps and dreams, for two). Her scripts are straightforward enough that readers can begin to customize.

In this valuable book for anyone seeking spiritual support, Apollo has convincingly explained how spirit guides are available 24/7/365 and ready to serve.

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