Soul Therapy: A Game of Intuition

Jean Quintana

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Seeking to help others discover and strengthen their intuitive abililty, multimedia artist Jean Quintana has created a delightful flashcard game using her own artistry in her lovingly illustrated book Soul Therapy: A Game of Intuition.

The flashcards bear similarity in method to the type already in use to test psychics but are unique in other ways. They adhere to a vision Quintana received during meditation.

The author chose to present her Soul Therapy card game in book format rather than traditional flashcard packaging. All the text is white print on black background, which proves surprisingly easy on the eye. The flashcards, which are 4” x 6” and must be cut with scissors, follow Quintana’s written commentary at the front of the book on the nature of intuition and directions on how to play the game.

The text can be read in under 15 minutes and has a lighthearted, fun feel to it. For example, upon finishing the section titled “The Rules,” the author notes: “So…there it is. I said it was a very simple game. Have fun getting in touch with your intuitive mind and all the possibilities that implies.”

There are 12 cards in the game, each card featuring on its underside an abstract artistic representation of a color, that color in turn representing one of the 12 chakras (vortexes of subtle energy around the body). The idea is that when a card is facedown, the subject (person who is intuiting) picks up points by guessing the color of the card. “The Colors” section provides tiny versions of the cards with information about the chakras and colors. The Yellow Card, for example, represents the third chakra, signifies mentality, and puts one in mind of canaries.

Soul Therapy is a fun and instructive diversion, providing a welcome respite from heavy spiritual writings. It is a good fit for beginners and seasoned New Agers alike.

Also available as an ebook.

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