SOS Exercise-Schmexercise: The Effortless Weight-Loss and Health Solution With the Tropical Turbo Metabolism Plan

Katharina Bachman

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German native Katherina Bachman and her husband were overweight and Bachman suffered from diabetes when they encountered a holistic physician in Kuala Lumpur who changed their lives and their health.

Under the guidance of “Dr. K.S.,” the two lost weight and got off all of their medications.  Their accomplishment spurred Bachman to write about the plan in a book so successful when published in German—as SOSSchlank ohne Sport—that it’s now been translated into English.

In this program, after a detailed seven-day detox, participants commit to eating healthy 300 days of the year (eschewing fast foods and dairy products, eating mostly fruits and vegetables, avoiding eating after 7 p.m., etc.). The other 65 are “fun days” when participants can eat what they want. In addition to describing the plan, Bachman introduces readers to foods that support health and promote weight loss, like coconut oil, papaya, quinoa and chia seeds. She also includes easy-to-follow recipes.

Bachman’s enthusiasm is apparent throughout, and she offers helpful, sound nutritional directives, such as cutting sugar intake and increasing water and fiber intake. She is admirably transparent in how this plan helped her and her husband.

Unfortunately, the information is presented in a disorganized, sometimes stream-of-consciousness, manner. For example, after the author talks about her first appointment with Dr. K.S., she inserts a two-page diversion called “BY THE WAY: About the Sikh Turban,” which details why Dr. K.S. wears a turban. (This has no relevance to the rest of the book.)

Bachman also occasionally offers incomplete information. At one point, she explains how Dr. K.S. advocates for eating according to your blood type, discussing her husband’s type O and her type A blood. But she neglects to explore types B and AB, leaving those readers in the dark.

Many will find the organizational issue challenging. Those with the patience to persevere and pick out the relevant advice, however, will take away solid ideas to jumpstart and maintain weight loss.

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