Something Must Be Broken

Priscilla Bradford

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Author Priscilla Bradford, a seminary graduate with a Certificate in Christian Counseling, offers readers a passionate and experience-based case for knowing God spiritually rather than via the restrictions of man-made religious systems.

Bradford’s chapters are logically presented to cover the essential areas of belief. She begins with her personal testimony, ”My Truth,” then follows with “Who is God?”; “Religion Vs Spirituality”; “Love -True Religion”; and “Pressed Beyond Measure” (dealing with human suffering). At the book’s close, she includes a series of questions to assist readers in determining where they might currently be on their spiritual journey with relation to the main idea that God is personal, knowable, and reachable.

Bradford’s style is engaging and obviously coming from a place of overflowing joy. She seems to truly want readers to understand that this concept of experiencing God is more than they could ever have imagined.

Unfortunately, the book suffers from several issues. Many of her quotations aren’t attributed, so it’s unclear where this wisdom is coming from. In other cases, she quotes from extra-biblical sources, which seems contradictory of her main message against following man-made religions.

A larger problem is her many technical errors. Readers will find mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word usage (i.e. “conscience” vs. “conscious”). For example, she writes: “Here are the challenges in letting others interpret the Word for you: You don’t know what is the true message from God? [sic] Has the person’s teaching come by way of meditation and pray [sic], or has it come from other sources? The counseling session from the previous night, or their self-image about themselves,[sic] past or present issues become the main topic of that Sunday morning message [sic] Where and what motivation is that understanding coming from.[sic]”

Bradford has an important message to share, but it’s impeded by writing issues. A thorough edit would greatly enhance this spiritual offering and the inspiration the author hopes to impart.

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