Social Networking Objectives for the Millenium and Beyond: A Guide to Developing Prosperity Partnership

Vera Moon

Publisher: Xlibris Pages: 159 Price: (paperback) $19.99 ISBN: 9781469192574 Reviewed: November, 2013 Author Website: Visit »

This book purports to be a nonfiction work advocating and exploring the role of social networking within the food industry, especially the fast-food industry. The author writes about food workers and customers coming together in a caring environment to help each other, promote friendship and fair trade, exchange information, and generally combat such social ills as poverty, crime and loneliness.

However, author Vera Moon only occasionally addresses ways of achieving this social nirvana. Instead, she wildly describes a world in which such programs are already in place — especially at the “Burger Palace” fast-food chain — explaining how everything works and detailing the economic, spiritual and physical benefits. Apart from brushing lightly against a few worthwhile ideas, the book reads like a fantasy novelette, the weird and wonderful product of Moon’s hyper-active imagination and impish sense of fun.

Though Moon often writes with panache, her elaborate, almost surreal imagery sometimes drifts into obscurity. What to make of this, for example?: “When out on a limb, clear the pavement with vim and issue new bushels for tiny Tim to seek covenant with bam.” Or this? “To aver monopoly porosity in play tactics, dreams people submitted for review and analysis were fashioned as key tokens, credit icons, or symbols…”

Adding to the literary free-for-all, Moon scatters handfuls of random, barely relevant biblical citations throughout a text that is liberally illustrated with simplistic diagrams and drawings that serve no real purpose. And the author keeps readers on their toes with a fondness for rare and unusual words (“alveolus,” “barratry,” “confuted,” “biotecture,” “afflatus”) and occasional blatant misspellings (even the book’s title spells “Millennium” wrong).

As a result of these issues, the book will likely have very limited appeal. It’s best not to take it too literally or try to make sense of everything, but even forgiving readers prepared to drift along with the flow should brace for a bumpy ride.

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