So Much S’more To Do

Becky Rasmussen

Publisher: Blueprint Press Pages: 80 Price: (paperback) $6.95 ISBN: 9781591932673 Reviewed: May, 2023 Author Website: Visit »

This light-hearted, slim volume is chockful of ideas for different kinds of s’mores combinations.

Author Becky Rasmussen has clearly tapped into what has become a national trend: The current popularity of s’mores, even though they’ve been around campfires since the early 1900s. In recent years, top chefs have included s’mores on restaurant menus, with creations such as ice cream-stuffed frozen s’mores and kid-friendly french fry s’mores. There’s also been a proliferation in s’mores products, including s’mores kits and indoor electric s’mores roasters.

In her book, the author gives recipes for nearly every possible kind of s’more, with lively comments on everything from the history of s’mores to toasting tips. Many of the variations will inspire readers to think outside the graham cracker box, subbing the traditional base for chocolate chip cookies or Ritz crackers or trading the Hershey bar for a white chocolate bar. The author really toasts up some fresh ideas in the “S’mores for Adults” section, with such offerings as “Jell-O Shot S’mores,” “Kahlua Brownie S’mores,” and “Rum Cupcake S’mores.”

Although the book is presented in cookbook format, i.e., ingredients, prep work, and “building instructions,” precision cooks will find neither quantities, nor detailed instructions in the recipes, nor yields. Rasmussen’s instructions run more along the lines of: “Scoop one tablespoon of apple pie filling” (no brand or can size given), or “Frost an oatmeal cookie with vanilla frosting” (no quantity given). Describing prep work for a brownie version, the instruction says, “Use the largest pan size to make thin brownies. Bake and cool. Cut the brownies into 2”x2” squares.”

Given that assembling s’mores is hardly rocket science, the book is noteworthy for its simple ideas and playful illustrations of smiling marshmallows dressed to match the accompanying s’mores’ theme. If you’re looking for kid-friendly inspiration to move beyond the same ol’, same ol’ in the great outdoors, this is s’more than you’ll need for all your camping adventures.

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