Signs of the End Time 21st Century Fulfilment of the Bible Prophecy Matthew 24

Pastor Amoah Da Costa

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Amoah da Costa, Pentecostal pastor and president of Rescue Mission 2000, argues that we are in the “last days,” an eschatological time when the “sins of many nations have come up before God” for judgment. Examining Jesus’s dire prophecy of the end of the world as professed in the Gospel of Matthew, da Costa contends that modern day calamities—floods, famines, pestilences, wars and earthquakes —indicate that we’re in the midst of the Great Tribulation when “the land of Israel…shall suffer an unprecedented outbreak of fury on part of the Antichrist.”

Searching for prophetic lessons in the Old and New Testaments, the author looks to give “all honest-hearted true seekers an opportunity of accepting the Lord Jesus Christ” into their lives. He warns against false prophets, urging believers to be “armed with truth” and embrace biblical teaching to avoid being left behind in the great reckoning. The author starkly details wars between 1990 and 2009 as affirmation of Jesus’ prediction that rampant aggression between nations would be a signal of his second coming.

Da Costa exhibits a strong understanding of scripture, and his chapter on miracles is well done as he examines the history and purpose of supernatural events and their connection to prophecy. Additionally, his use of modern day statistics on violence and natural disasters is informative and alarming.

Unfortunately, the book’s insights and logical arguments are largely overshadowed by the narrative’s grammatical problems. The text includes odd sentence structures and strange word choices (e.g., “Some think the seducers here pointed to be such as had been settled teachers in the Church and revolted to error, and from such, the danger is the greater…” ). There are also missing words, subject-verb agreement errors, and so on. Such problems are jarring and often make for a challenging read.

Overall, da Costa’s premise is an interesting one, but the book requires stalwart editing for his ideas to ring forth more clearly.

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