Shrouded Truth: Biblical Revelations through Past Life Journeys

Reena Kumarasingham

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Thousands of books have been written about Jesus’ life. But few are from the viewpoint of those who may have lived during his lifetime. In Shrouded Truth, Reena Kumarasingham, a regression therapist, joins theories of reincarnation with the past-lives stories of eight modern-day people who claim to have known and interacted with Christ 2,000 years ago.

In these fast-moving accounts of hypnotic regression, the author introduces us to Mia, who existed as James the Lesser, Jesus’ brother, and who helped coordinate a plan to save Christ from crucifixion; Greg, who lived as Paul the Evangelist, here revealed to be one of the original disciples and not a persecutor of Christians; Maya, aka Mary Magdalene, an abused wife who becomes a devoted follower of Jesus, and others.

Shrouded Truth’s portrait of Jesus differs considerably from traditional accounts. Jesus is less a miracle worker and more a yogi-like “energy” healer who speaks of universal love and oneness with God. He’s also closely associated with the Essene way of spiritual living, which opposed the stifling rituals and practices of religious leadership of the day.

Kumarasingham astutely and respectfully connects the dots between the accounts and offers commentary that helps put these past-life stories into historical and theological context. She’s an energetic writer with a clean prose style, and the stories are equally fascinating and quizzical. Anyone with even a cursory understanding of the Christian Gospels will puzzle over the reports from these clients. Paul knew Jesus before the crucifixion? Jesus never died on the cross but used a body double to take his place? These will be hard pills to swallow for traditional believers. Yet perhaps the author’s message is that the truth has been buried through hundreds of years or revision and division among Christian sects.

Certainly, skeptics won’t be convinced, but open-minded Christians and believers in reincarnation will find much to ponder in this intriguing book.

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