Sex After Seventy: It Gets Better

James A. Grant

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James A. Grant’s Sex After Seventy addresses a once-taboo topic with conversational candor.

Writing from a Christian, sex-positive perspective, Grant aims to address what he feels is the often-ignored sex lives of post-menopausal couples. The author strongly believes in the health benefits gained by pursuing a satisfying sex life well into the golden years, and he seeks to dissuade couples from falling into the “disgust response” to older couples having sex. He believes that “good sex is a learned skill” that requires “specific study and practice” and is available to all ages.

Grant’s colloquial vernacular will likely put readers at ease as he discusses topics such as sexual positions and “vaginal geography” with phrases like “if Momma isn’t happy, you aren’t going to be happy” and “with a little wiggling and jabbing the job gets done.” He covers the history of contraception, the sexual revolution, and the Internet’s impact on sex, among many other topics.

Grant, a retired gemologist, writes about sex mainly from anecdotal and personal experience. While he maintains that he uses “bits and pieces of programs, seminars, videos, individual statistics, magazine articles … along with highly documented scientific studies by qualified experts,” his bibliography is sparse and the narrative contains no footnotes or citations. He offers a section on “facts” that includes 16 distinct types of orgasm, despite the ongoing debate in the field of sexual research about whether there’s a significant physiological difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasm, let alone the other orgasm categories Grant mentions.

Despite unsubstantiated research and a lack of trained expertise, Grant delivers a frank conversation that adds to the growing number of books on this subject and may appeal to readers who prefer layman wisdom to that of the professional sex therapist. His book is appropriate and accessible for any couple seeking to extend the longevity of a passionate love life.

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