SESG Explorer

Christopher Loric

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In Christopher Loric’s fascinating science fiction novel, SESG Explorer, a team of military personnel, scientists and diplomats embarks on an exciting mission to establish contact with an alien race.

Two years previous, the American institute involved in the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence, SETI, received a message from the Kammorrigans, an alien race wishing to establish contact with other races. A team led by Kevin Brannigan, a former U.S. representative to the United Nations, is assembled to travel and determine the Kammorrigans’ intentions and possibly build trade and diplomatic ties with them.

The story’s initial part covers the reason for the mission and delves into the background of each crew member and why they are selected. Kevin, for instance, is chosen for his leadership experience, diplomatic skills, and scientific knowledge. The preparation and training period is also described in depth. The contextual detail provides precise information that’s useful in understanding the purpose of the mission and the members involved.

As the group travels, they learn bits of information about the aliens. Rich details about the physical appearance of the Kammorrigans, their operations, and aspects of their planet bring the alien world into vivid life.

Many tense moments arise as the group journeys into the unknown and encounters unexpected twists during the perilous trip. They make shocking observations about the alien race on arrival and things do not go as planned. The story brims with immersive action scenes as the crew faces danger, struggles to survive amidst heavy attack, and devises solutions to stay alive and hopefully return to Earth.

Since the book is part of a series, some key questions about the fate of the alien race and its goal to dominate other races, the plan forward following the team’s establishment of first contact, and the outcome of the saga between Earth’s inhabitants and the Kammorrigans are left unanswered.

Despite this, readers will find SESG Explorer a captivating read with engaging characters and thrilling action scenes.

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