Secrets of Love, Marriage, Sex, Genius, Success and Happiness

Naser Hegazy

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Naser Hegazy has written a nonfiction guide to help readers enjoy better luck in love and marriage as well as personal success.

The chapter headings in Secrets of Love, Marriage, Sex, Genius, Success, and Happiness give some indication of the author’s intent. For instance, the section on marriage features three chapters, titled “Love and Marriage,” “Marriage Problems,” and “A Happy Marital Life,” while the section about sex is “About Love, Marriage, and Sex,” and “Sexual Harmony.” However, when reading these sections, it’s difficult to find actual advice that corresponds to these themes.

Unfortunately language gets in the way of understanding the author’s point of view throughout the book. Hagazy has written and published in Arabic before, but cultural differences and his grasp of English are simply not strong enough for a project of this size. In a section about marital intimacy, the author asks, “Why do you not fondle your wife?” Reading further, it’s hard to tell if “fondling” in this instance refers to cuddling, or some other practice entirely: “Try to fondle your wife; try to eat your food with her. Feed her with your hands…Make her sleep on your elbow as your mother had done before her.”

Secrets claims to be based on research, but there are just four books listed in a bibliography, and other references are tossed in casually, such as: “These words are supported by the scientific explanation that Dr. Lipofitz mentioned in his book.” There are references to folklore, music and literature that most Westerners will not be familiar with (El-Gahez, El-Razy), with no contextual information supplied.

Hegazy clearly has good intentions. A section at the end about overcoming fears on the way to success illustrates that he knows what he wants to say. The challenge now is to find an editor, and perhaps a translator, to help him bring his message to the masses.

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