Secrets of Healing the Brain

Shady J Srour

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Based on two decades of research on nonconventional methods for healing a range of neurological conditions and illnesses—including his own challenges with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder—Secrets of Healing the Brain presents an extensive overview of holistic and natural therapeutic options.

Although Shady J. Srour’s background doesn’t involve medical training, he believes this all-encompassing compilation of alternative therapeutics provides a framework to help simplify the massive amount of information already available. The natural approach he emphasizes ranges from shifting to a plant-based diet enhanced with herbal medicine and supplements, especially vitamin B12, to minimizing electromagnetic field exposure, including microwaves and cellphones, or utilizing fasting to encourage digestive energy to focus on healing.

In keeping with this approach, the author writes that the “human right of bodily freedom was violated during the COVID-19 pandemic” and also with mandatory school vaccinations—and notes that homeopathic vaccination, such as that used in Cuba for the bacterial disease leptospirosis, can be effective. Still, he doesn’t minimize the dangers of infectious diseases and the risk of avoiding immunizations for them. He also discusses neurological conditions from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) to Parkinson’s and PTSD and natural healing options for them.

On the policy side, he advocates for universal unconditional guaranteed income to alleviate the physical and neuropsychiatric effects of poverty. Throughout, he advises individuals to do their own due diligence on the topic.

The text is clearly expressed, but occasionally necessitates some familiarty with medical terms like “differential diagnosis” or “neuro-regenerative properties.” Readers also will need to dig deeper into the author’s extensive references to track down full citations as a starting point to learning more. (Of interest: he notes that the references he complied are studies that avoided direct use of animals for experiments.)

Readers looking beyond conventional medicine could find this personalized and thoughtful compilation a useful overview—initial steps toward educating themselves about the natural therapeutics that may help optimize their neurological health.

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