Secrets of a Sales Pro: How to Achieve Wealth, Power, and Happiness

Stephen M. Serrao

Publisher: Trafford Pages: 48 Price: (paperback) $89.00 ISBN: 9781426923845 Reviewed: July, 2012 Author Website: Visit »

Although titled Secrets of a Sales Pro, there is little contained in this slender volume that might be considered a secret. Rather, the author offers up timeless good sense that is well known to those who make their living in the sales world, but which certainly always bears repeating.

Author Stephen M. Serrao, who refers often throughout the book to his own background in sales but does not include details of his “more than 26 years” in the business, goes through a long list of “SalesPro” secrets, most of which are commonly known. These include such well-worn maxims as “know your product,” “invest in your customer’s memory,” “control your emotions,” “satisfy the customer,” and even the importance of fresh breath and other areas of hygiene.

It is when the author moves away from the dictation of simple rules of doing business and on to a slightly more philosophical level that the book becomes a truly useful primer for a sales novice. For example, in his conclusion, he makes the interesting Zen-like analogy of how an ideal salesperson needs to become like water flowing down a hill, in order to find the path of least resistance for the customer.

Serrao’s writing is crisp and breezy. His book features short chapters broken into easily digestible nuggets of information, and he delivers his advice with a light tone. All in all, this is a quick and pleasant read for anyone who either makes, or is looking to make, a career in sales.

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