Scavenging for Diamond Dust

Mary-Keith Dickinson

Publisher: Archway Pages: 164 Price: (paperback) $12.99 ISBN: 9781665729543 Reviewed: July, 2023 Author Website: Visit »

In Mary-Keith Dickinson’s emotive novel, Scavenging for Diamond Dust, a woman who yearns to escape her past begins having conversations with a spiritual being, developing a deeper understanding of herself and the invisible world.

Struggling under the weight of childhood trauma and an ex-husband’s former infidelity and abuse, Hope Delaney is plagued by self-pity, pain, and rejection. Although alcohol has helped her cope in the past, she has become addicted to it, while refusing to acknowledge its hold on her. When her seemingly accomplished life as a college professor begins to unravel, she heads to the beach, and later, to the South Texas desert. Along the way, she encounters a spiritual being who guides her out of her mental abyss.

Told from Hope’s viewpoint, the story is poignant and compelling. Hope’s feelings of frustration at not being able to escape her trauma feel palpable, and her pain from sexual abuse and a failed marriage is laid bare. As details about her past life are revealed in bits throughout the story, they help explain her current emotional and psychological turmoil.

The heart-rending parts of the story are tempered with humorous dialogue between Hope and the spiritual being and heart-warming moments with characters she encounters in the desert. The story’s ending is also hopeful.

The narrative is succinct, focusing on Hope’s spiritual journey. Her spiritual awakening is gradual and believable, and her guide is tender and patient as Hope asks questions about various topics, including the difference between the soul and the spirit, how to overcome her character defects, and details about the invisible world. However, such spiritual themes – also involving free will versus determinism, the spiritual impact parents have on their children, and the reason why pain exists in the world— are familiar and do not include any new, surprising concepts.

Nevertheless, Scavenging for Diamond Dust is a thought-provoking read that will appeal to spiritual seekers, who will especially appreciate its authentic dialogue and endearing main character.

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