Scar Kid: Invincibility Redefined

RL Nunes

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In R.L. Nunes’ fictional story, based on the author’s life, two young adults fall in love in a whirlwind romance.

Nunes writes at the beginning that “This is my story, my life, which I told in a way that is fictitious yet factual.” Cash “Kid” Nunes, named in homage to Johhny Cash, is a burgeoning rock star. The novel begins when, during a performance in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida, Kid crosses paths with Scarlett “Scar” Jynston. Scar is the center of attention, and Kid, enamored by her, breaks the ice. The two begin a tense romance after spending the night in each other’s company.

The following day, Scar suffers a heart attack. Because she’s unable to afford medical care, Kid rushes to her aid instead of taking her to the hospital; later, a doctor tells her everything is fine. The encounter results in declarations of love between Kid and Scar.

Their hasty love affair continues as Kid rises to fame. Three months into their relationship, Scar discovers she’s expecting, redirecting the course of their lives and raising the question of whether love alone will sustain them.

The book’s highlight lies in the humor between Kid and Scar. For example, when Kid offers to take Scar to McDonald’s, things turn humorous as they playfully pretend to be McDonald’s employees. The day ends with them imagining they ran out of chicken nuggets and lightheartedly chasing seagulls, jokingly considering using them as a replacement.

However, at times the quick unfolding of Scar and Kid’s love borders on unbelievable. For example, Scar and Kid meet on a Wednesday and declare their love by Thursday; Scar’s pregnancy and Kid’s proposal happen within three months of their meeting. These rapid turns can prove challenging for readers, given the limited time the author has to build the characters.

Nevertheless, the captivating and humorous revealing of Scar and Kid’s love will keep readers turning pages, and the heartrending conclusion should surprise them.

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