“Saved” is not Home Free

Ted Bush

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In this delightful primer on the essentials of Christianity, retired forester and devoted Episcopalian Ted Bush argues that religious conversion isn’t just a one-time event but an ongoing process that is as repetitive and important as breathing. To be born again in spirit, he contends, is like being born physically: it is the first wobbly steps on a journey that hopefully leads to greater understanding, strength and maturity.

In “Saved” is Not Home Free, Bush uses a back-to-basics approach, reminding readers of the importance of some very simple tenets of Christianity: love God; love your neighbor; serve. He also admits that while most people believe these things to be vital for a good life, problems arise when we don’t have a clear picture of who God is, who our neighbors are, and what it means to serve. This lack of clarity can, in turn, be detrimental not only to the believer, but to the world at large.

Bush’s prose is ultimately clean and simple (though the book needs a little copyediting) and some of the arguments he makes have been championed by theologians and lay persons for centuries. Yet, the author doesn’t want to break new ground. To do so would be to miss the point. He wants all people to return back to the old ground and look at it again. When they do, he posits, they can find gold.

This is a powerful little book and one that is perfect for church groups. Bravo!

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