Satan Hath Desired to Have You

Judith Lifer

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Personal stories of hard times redeemed through faith are evergreen, as there’s something inspiring about seeing a challenge overcome. In Satan Hath Desired to Have You, author Judith Lifer tells of a difficult life and how her relationship with God ebbed and flowed over its course. It’s a very short book and she tackles a lot within its pages, with mixed results.

Lifer had a happy early childhood, but things quickly turned dark when her father died. Depression seemed to numb her to the choices she was making, and by 14 she was pregnant and married to a 19-year-old who was also sleeping with her mother. The family’s fortunes went up and down until her husband was revealed to also be molesting their daughter, a pattern of abuse that would resurface elsewhere in the family. Through it all, Lifer drifts, then returns to Jesus as her lifeline.

This is a big story any way you slant it. Lifer’s decision to tell it in under 50 pages means we’re barraged with explosive revelations, then given no time to reflect on their impact. She leapfrogs from one idea to the next, and occasionally draws sweeping conclusions from her own unique experience. Her view that good things come from God and bad ones are Satan’s doing leaves personal accountability in the abstract; it’s hard to read about her running headlong into terrible relationships or putting her children at risk and feel that Satan is the one responsible.

Satan Hath Desired to Have You has good intentions: “I believe it will help to strengthen a new believer’s faith and possibly help struggling young mothers know that life can be easier,” writes Lifer of her story. But the rushed approach to very heavy material is overwhelming, resulting in a frenzied reading experience overall.

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