Salvation from the Lake of Fire: The Beauty of John 3:16

Elisabeth Christine Nelson

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Elisabeth Nelson examines the validity of three differing views of spiritual damnation in this easy-to-follow explanation of Christian salvation.

A preacher’s child, Elisabeth Nelson spent her life in church and studying the Bible. Now in her 60s, she presents her research of three views of the “lake of fire”: Conditionalism, Universalism and Traditionalism. Nelson argues that “Intellectually…the Bible cannot teach three views of hell, or [it] would be a work of fiction. The Bible teaches one view of the lake of fire: thus, making two views unscriptural.” Nelson focuses on proving the validity of Traditionalism.

Using her self-proclaimed knack for breaking “down complicated subjects so all could understand them,” she tackles difficult questions concerning the afterlife, the existence of heaven, and how to avoid eternal burning in hell. She uses scripture to address even more puzzling questions about the eternal fate of non-Christian cultures, addressing abortion, homosexuality, socialism, and why a loving God allows bad things to happen.

Nelson humbly acknowledges that she writes from “a layperson’s theological perspective.” Yet her passion for her message and the magnitude of literary proofs she provides for her arguments are difficult to dismiss. Additionally, her desire to help others find truth is endearing. She states that “there is nothing more important than our salvation” and cautions that “we should be extremely careful about what we spiritually believe in because our souls’ destination depends on it.”

Some readers will find some of her viewpoint tough to swallow. For example, she writes that people who have no contact with the gospel “are given light… and will be held accountable for that light….” No one, she states, “is without excuse.” Her acceptance of Traditionalism will likely feel too rigid and cold-hearted for some. However, Nelson provides ample resources for further study on the topics.

For a thorough, easy-to-comprehend analysis of the lake of fire and what the Bible teaches about damnation for sinners, Nelson’s contribution is a solid choice.

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