Sacred Life: Healing from the Virus in Consciousness

Bedri Cag Cetin

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In Sacred Life, a student of brain science and psychology narrates how his Inner Guide led him through turmoil and pain to inner peace.

Bedri Cag Cetin encountered his Inner Guide for the first time at age 24 when a dangerous Turkish gang blackmailed his family. The gang didn’t succeed because of what seemed to be random obstacles. But a mystic friend of his mother explained this protection as “your own divine ‘Inner Guide.’” Eager to understand this mysterious help better, Cetin began working with a spiritual teacher. Throughout this book, that teacher and Cetin exchange numerous Q&As to illuminate what an Inner Guide is and how it works in contrast to the other side of the human mind, the ego.

The ego, loud and unrelenting, argues compulsively that we must fight to take what’s ours. The Inner Guide, patient and gentle, shows us we are all part of Oneness, where “shared interests… [bless] everyone with their highest good.” The Inner Guide works to resolve any situation or provide direction when we sincerely ask for “peace, happiness, and harmony for everyone involved,” thus, “transforming all adversities into miracles.”

This conceit will be familiar to readers of A Course in Miracles, a belief system said to have been channeled through a psychologist by Jesus. (Cetin reveals that his teacher was, indeed, influenced by Miracles.)

With an ethereal concept like Inner Guide vs. the ego, a writer needs to speak plainly. Cetin succeeds at this sometimes, particularly when, after relating some of his trials—divorce, panic attacks, financial upheaval—he provides contrasting interpretations from “my intellect” (the ego’s argument) and “my Inner Guide.” Too often, though, while he’s telling about a dramatic event or fraught relationship, he interrupts the flow with dense reiterations of the core concept of conflict.

Still, patient readers struggling with lives that never seem to go right will appreciate his wisdom. Cetin’s troubles will be relatable and his advice worthy of consideration.

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