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David Dorrough’s incisive novel, Revolution, charts the daily lives of a California-based couple and those within their social circle.

Yvonne and Bill Smede are an ordinary, middle-aged couple based in Los Angeles. Their diverse circle of friends includes: Irene, an ambitious woman pursuing a new business idea; Amy, who is searching for her biological parents; Gary, who has currently gotten back into running and training for marathons; Matt, who is looking for treasure hidden by his favorite movie star, Juice, who still harbors an old grudge against a high school friend; and Francisco, who is concerned by the differences in his relationship with his long-term partner. The story examines their everyday lives as they navigate daily challenges and work on accomplishing their personal goals.

The writing includes revealing details about each lead character that bring them to life. Francisco is described as elegant and interested in intellectual ideas; Bill is easy-going, and his relationship with Yvonne is unaffectionate and practical; Juice is determined and will pursue her revenge plan to the end. The characters make mistakes and have imperfect personalities which render them realistic. Rich descriptions of Los Angeles’s warm, mild climate and its vibrant restaurant scene also enliven the novel.

However, most of the events and the characters’ experiences are common and uninteresting. Characters have everyday conversations with friends, and their undertaking of daily activities, such as traveling to work or choosing what restaurant to dine at, are all ordinary aspects of life. Even their short-term achievements —such as running a marathon and solving differences between them—are unremarkable. Also, although each main character pursues a revolution within their individual lives, their goals are barely met.

The story also includes many secondary characters’ backgrounds that don’t help move the plot forward.

Despite this, readers may find the main characters amusing and will also be immersed in the scenes and sounds of Los Angeles as they follow the characters’ pursuits of their personal dreams.

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