Relatos cortos, experiencias intensas (Short Stories, Intense Experiences)

Jaime Segarra

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Spanish spiritual coach and blogger Jaime Segarra presents a collection of 365 short chapters of thoughts and self-help messages, one for each day of the year in his book, Relatos cortos, experiencias intensas. Varying in length from a couple of lines to several pages, these chapters are designed to be read one per day for an entire year. Through a range of exercises, quotes, and affirmations, Segarra sets out to improve the reader’s spiritual well-being and outlook on life.

Segarra is a proponent of the (largely Christian) “New Thought” spiritual movement, which promotes self-development through spiritual awareness, prayer and direct communication with God. The key ideas he touches on are those of forgiveness, loving oneself, positive thinking and open-mindedness.

The book provides a solid introduction to New Thought beliefs, background and practices. Segarra quotes extensively from leading figures of New Thought, as well as other personalities ranging from the Dalai Lama to Jim Morrison. When exploring this movement, Segarra strikes the right balance between promoting it without being overly evangelical. Other religions are occasionally brought up in passing, and Segarra treats them respectfully and considerately.

It is not advisable to read the book over a short period of time; to read all 365 passages in quick succession reveals some inevitable repetitiveness and the occasional contradictory idea. The value lies in taking it one day at a time, as the author recommends.

Segarra writes convincingly and knowledgeably on his subject, and his book will appeal to the type of person who enjoys reading inspirational phrases on social media sites. Fans of The Secret would likely also enjoy this book; Segarra is an accredited instructor in this method. While the book deals with a largely Christian outlook, it also holds value for non-believers or those of other faiths, as a general guideline for a more positive approach to life.

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