Quotes from the Quiver

Dante P. Galiber, MD, FACC

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Using inspirational statements as positive affirmations is not a new concept. But Dr. Dante P. Galiber’s Quotes from the Quiver stands out because it is an assemblage of quotations directly from the author.

Whereas other collections of motivational assertions are filled with statements from historical or noteworthy figures, this book contains 458 original thoughts written by Galiber. Organized into 26 sections, he writes in the Preface that many of these reflections were “inspired by a pentad of thematic creativity: Time, History, Evolution, Medicine, and Environment…

Undoubtedly, there is merit to reading honest declarations related to prejudice—like those included under “Racism, Bigotry and Humankind.” Straight-talk like “Once our society understands that it has fundamental racial inequalities, then and only then will all lives truly matter” or “Being xenophobic is like having an allergy to humankind” could be particularly useful as conversation starters for groups discussing diversity and inclusion practices (or a lack thereof).

Healthcare practitioners may also find Galiber’s musings on “Life and Death,” plus “Medicine, Health, and Science,” relatable. As a highly respected cardiologist, the views he expresses in these sections mostly strike a keen balance between empathy and professional insight.

All sections provide a mix of advice that is sometimes strikingly fresh (“One carries more weight with lighter words”) and sometimes more run-of-the-mill (“One must learn to listen in order to lead”).

While the text provides many moments of introspection, the book’s visual design is lacking. The author’s statements are listed in bulleted format without art to enhance the pages. Future audiences would benefit from a reduced number of topical sections to improve flow, and by incorporating more creative elements to add visual appeal. Also, a Table of Contents would help readers quickly find topics of interest.

Regardless, readers will find frank, first-person observations from an educated man attempting to help teach a contemporary world about the shortcomings—and redemption—accessible to us all.

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