Pursuit of Innocence

Bethany Rosa

Publisher: Gallatin Publishing Pages: 315 Price: (hardcover) $16.99 ISBN: 9798989573202 Reviewed: March, 2024 Author Website: Visit »

Blending elements of erotica, romance, and thriller, Bethany Rosa’s steamy novel revolves around a young college student about to embark on a personal and professional journey of self-discovery.

About to graduate from SDSU with a degree in marketing and working part-time at a local ad agency, Lily Thompson has no time for romantic entanglements. After her father abandoned her when she was 15 and she was forced to live with a friend’s kind-hearted family, Lily has been driven to succeed—and with only a few months left before she graduates, her dreams await.

But when she (literally) bumps into handsome billionaire Sebastian Dubree —”one of the most influential CEOs in the country”—at a nightclub, her life is irrevocably changed. Lily (a virgin) is suddenly the center of multiple men’s attention: her pervy boss Brad, her high school crush Jackson, a good friend Kevin, and Dubree, a self-centered womanizer who becomes obsessed with Lily.

When she initially rejects Dubree’s advances, his obsession takes a dark turn as he sexually and physically assaults her to make his intentions known: “I’ve never had a woman blatantly ignore me. It’s unacceptable and I need to handle it.” The physical attraction between the two is undeniable—but how can a relationship work when Dubree has vowed never to fall in love?

Adeptly written and featuring many noteworthy elements—brisk pacing, intricate storyline, incendiary sex scenes, etc.—there’s one looming concern. The utter vileness of Dubree, concluding chapters notwithstanding, was a risky decision for Rosa as it ultimately impacts reader experience: Is this an erotic romance about two people finding true love, or is it a blueprint on how a sexual predator (and chronic masturbator) can identify, stalk, and “train” his clueless victims through relentless gaslighting?

This is a page-turning read. However, readers feel troubled that it centers on a highly problematic male lead who could be the poster boy for irrational jealousy, violent possessiveness and master manipulation.

Also available as an ebook.

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