Prayer, Praise and Poetry

Susan Champion

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Susan Champion’s poetry collection covers the gamut thematically, from a philosophical piece about fate to a practical poem about New Year’s resolutions and many stops in between.

Champion’s book includes more than 100 rhyming poems, many accompanied by a Bible verse postscript. “A Place to Belong” is typical of the poet’s message and style: “The place He belongs/ Is not on this Earth/ Yet He came down from heaven/ To give us new birth […]”

The collection is divided into seven sections. The first, “PRAISE,” is comprised of poems delivering an evangelical message of peace, joy, and salvation through Christ: “There is a way out, but you have to shout/ Lord, I can’t do this alone!/ Open the door and let me out/ Show me the way to go home.”

The next section, “OUR PLANET,” focuses on the dangers of climate change; the third, “ON A LIGHTER NOTE,” mixes social commentary on various subjects with further religious admonitions. And the final sections—“WAR,”  “KIDS,”  “BEREAVEMENT,” and “AND FINALLY”— alternate between personal reflections and generalized advice, such as, “Learn how to be a woman or a man/ To face the world as best you can.”

The poems express familiar sentiments concerning faith, hope, love and the natural world. Those seeking startlingly fresh insights and literary poetic accomplishments won’t find it here. The work can also be a bit heavy-handed in the messages it imparts.

Still, the rhyming is skillful and the poet often employs welcome humor and fun twists. For example, a poem in which the speaker yearns to have the capabilities of various animals —a bird, cat, fish and kangaroo—ends with a wink and a simple lesson: “I wish that I’d stop wishing/ For something else to be/ For God made me the way I am/ So that I could just be me.”

Readers seeking sophisticated modern poetry won’t find it here. But Champion’s collection should appeal to those who enjoy light-inspirational and Christian-religious verse.

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