Prayer Changes Things

Beatrice B. Fearon

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In this inspirational and educational Christian work, Beatrice B. Fearon explores the meanings and applications of various types of prayer.

An ordained minister and outreach leader for over 30 years, Fearon brings experience and wisdom to this in-depth look at prayer. Anchoring the narrative in Scripture, she discusses the differences between prayers of thanksgiving, praise, repentance, petition, corporate prayers and more. She takes a back-to-basics approach – carefully examining scriptures line-by-line—to illuminate the keys to an effective prayer life, such as repentance, living a righteous life, thanking and trusting God and being filled with the Holy Spirit.

With authority and mastery, Fearon examines the meaning of Pentecost, the purpose of baptism in the Holy Spirit and praying in tongues, an often-controversial subject. She states that these “equip [the] church with the mighty power of the Holy Spirit so that we would be effective witnesses of [God] to all nations.”

Fearon teaches that effective, powerful prayers come from repentant hearts and have elements of all the types of prayers in them: repentance, thanksgiving, petition and praise. But ultimately, she states that we don’t possess any “magical power” to get the outcome we want; “God answers prayers according to His Will for our lives.” She also provides sample prayers with self-check lists throughout to help readers evaluate their relationship with God according to Scripture.

Fearon’s friendly, non-preachy tone coupled with smart analogies make this book a quick and easy read. She also dispels the common misconception that prayers must be “wordy, flowery or eloquent,” stating rather that God “is only concerned with truth in our hearts” as we speak “normally” to Him. With so much to glean, readers will easily overlook the few typographical errors and repeated phrases missed during editing.

Anyone looking for a simple explanation of Christianity, what it means to pray and tips for improving their prayer life will benefit from Fearon’s contribution to Christian literature.

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