Pray to the Dead

Alyce Elmore

Publisher: Xlibris Pages: 316 Price: (paperback) $17.99 ISBN: 9781669833642 Reviewed: May, 2023 Author Website: Visit »

Alyce Elmore’s suspense-filled second installment of her Angels Have Tread Trilogy chronicles events leading up to political upheaval in female-ruled Australia following a cataclysmic global pandemic that destroys all adult males.

In the year 2029, a devastating global pandemic began that annihilated the world’s adult male population within three years. Subsequent male generations exhibit erratic, dangerous behavior and soon collapse and die before reaching their 20th birthdays.

In this volume, through the leadership of Melbourne’s formidable political figure, Evelyn Perkins, women have adjusted to a world without men. However, the successive effects of the pandemic are still raging. Mothers of boys are shunned by society. The possibility of a cure for males could also overturn the current female-run political and economic system.

As the first democratic election in 20 years draws closer, key political figures struggle to outwit each other. The government is also concealing information that could undo the current political system if discovered. Meanwhile, Evelyn has become a polarizing force, viewed by many as a revered leader—but by others as a dictator. Male rights protestors are surveilled and harassed.
The book’s depiction of the political situation in Australia is compelling and realistic. High-level politicians are less concerned about transparency and truth and more interested in maintaining their power.

The story moves at a brisk pace and tension is maintained throughout. Despite the book’s fast pace, absorbing descriptions of the challenges each character faces keep readers invested in them.

However, since the book is part of a trilogy, significant questions relating to the main political conflict and the main characters’ fates are left unanswered. The transitions between different sub-plots are also abrupt, and more context is needed at the beginning of the book to help readers new to the trilogy acclimate.

Nonetheless, Pray to the Dead is an intriguing read. It will appeal to fans of political thrillers for its captivating twists, fresh storylines and compelling cast of characters.

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