Places in the Heart

Florence V. Gilmore-Kersee

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Romance, relationships, aging, and loneliness are among the subjects explored in this slender book of poetry. The introduction and foreword contain essentially the same message: the author hopes what she has learned will resonate with others.

Indeed, some of Gilmore-Kersee’s poetry shares universal experiences, despite specific references. The poem “Dorothy Ann” discusses catching up with an old friend: “Dorothy Ann girl where you been / Haven’t seen you since don’t know when / Things not as they used to be / But remain the same tween you and me.” Another poem, “Who Does She Think She Is?” takes a light-hearted look at gossiping: “Who does she think she is? / Acting like some kind – a saint / All mild and meek / Always acting sweet / No Joan of Arc she ain’t.”

An insightful poem and one of the two non-rhyming pieces in the collection, “To Let Go,” reads like a poetic version of advice from a self-help book: “To let go is not to stop caring / It’s to recognize I can’t do it for someone else / To let go is not to enable / But to allow learning from natural consequences…” Another interesting poem, “Old Girl,” looks at the inner and outer qualities of aging.

Although this poetry covers no new ground, the author offers her own perspective on familiar territory. Using a varied vocabulary with a generous sprinkling of urban slang – though limited imagery and with a casual attitude toward grammar and meter – the author reveals places in her heart. The book isn’t likely to appeal to lovers of sophisticated poetry. But many of these poems reflect on themes related to aging, and older readers interested in reflecting on younger days may find it enjoyable.

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