Perfect: A Path to Love, Forgiveness and Transformation

Judi Miller

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An engaging memoir containing some spiritual self-care advice, this book delves deeply into the author’s search to alleviate her all-consuming fears.

An accountant who worked in corporate finance, Judi Miller appeared well put together, if a little quiet. In reality, this wife and mother suffered from a variety of fears: She was reticent to speak up and express herself; at night she felt unseen presences and was “petrified by the idea of being sexually assaulted.”

Finally, when a fear arose regarding her health, she sought help. Fibroids were pushing into her uterus wall, and her doctor scheduled a hysterectomy. To her, the invasive surgery sounded “terrifying and violating,” spurring her to consult a psychic, who suggested that she needed to work on empowering herself.

Enter Diana, the energy healer who Miller connected with and who was instrumental in her spiritual transformation. At the first session, Diana explained that her hands would “channel universal life energy” to balance Judi’s energetic field.

In addition to the Diana story, the book contains practical advice, strongly New Age in its slant. The author includes names of experts she has come across, a few meditative prayers, and exercises. The book is titled Perfect for Ed Sheeran’s song, which she always sang while driving to Diana’s, and for Miller’s theory that the Universe operates perfectly, like a jigsaw puzzle with “no wrong pieces.”

Miller’s writing style is gentle, honest, and personal. The author garners readers’ trust, investing them in her outcome. The narrative also dangles a nugget of suspense involving past lives, Diana, and Judi’s fear of sexual assault. The only drop in momentum arrives in the “Integrations” sections, where she takes stock of what’s happening and offers such amorphous comments as: “When we open our hearts, there is truly only love inside….”

The reveal and how Judi handles it may wear on readers’ sympathy. Even so, this is an interesting memoir, and Miller offers unusual approaches for fellow seekers to consider.

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