Pearls of Purpose

Quinn Morris

Publisher: PageTurner Press and Media Pages: 150 Price: (paperback) $8.99 ISBN: 9798886225198 Reviewed: November, 2022 Author Website: Visit »

In this compilation, Quinn Morris encourages Christians to bring their problems and worries to God through prayer and trust that He will work everything out beautifully.

Morris’s two- to three-page chapters begin with a stated “Purpose,” such as “To Be Useful.” She then explores the topic, including quotes from Scripture, and ends with a “Today!,” call-to-action for readers, such as “Whatever I do, Lord, help me do it well. Please give me enthusiasm and effectiveness in my life and work.”

Morris covers topics such as prayer, faith, the power of praise, studying the Bible and more, teaching readers to “worship God from the inside out” because “the battlefield is our thoughts – the way we think.”

Clearly, the author aims to motivate readers toward greater faith and holiness, but her tone is discouraging. Page after page she commands that we “must” do certain things to please God and, in essence, have a good life. In one sentence alone, she lists 12 such directives: “We must live for God, worship him, obey him, take his side against sin, stand for righteousness, resist and hate evil, perform works of kindness for others, imitate Christ, follow him, serve him, walk after the Holy Spirit, and be filled with the Spirit.”

The tone feels preachy and the content is overwhelming, as it neglects to teach readers how to do these difficult acts. Telling readers to “change their way of thinking” without addressing tactics to accomplish this seems flippant and is ultimately disheartening. By the end, readers may feel like they simply can’t measure up to the standards of this religion.

Additionally, in some chapters, the “Today!” activity doesn’t match the message, and copious typos and grammatical errors give the book an unpolished feel.

Based on the amount of included scriptural references, Morris’s contribution seems biblically sound and informative for Christian audiences, but a more grace-filled, motivational approach would appeal to more readers.

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