Paw-Lal’: Prayers that bring supernatural breakthrough

Pastor Murthlene Sampson

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“A daily dose of prayer activates God’s purpose for our lives,” writes Pastor Murthlene Sampson in her exuberant and fervent Paw-Lal’ (Hebrew for “to pray”). In the tradition of such prosperity theologians as Oral Roberts and Joel Osteen, this book is at once a 31-day daily devotional and an impassioned plea to be courageous in communicating with God and to trust in His desire for you to live an abundant life. To that end, Sampson mixes scripture with her own beautifully wrought, energetic prayers to help readers “experience the supernatural realm” and guard against spiritual attacks from demonic forces.

Sampson acknowledges the difficulties many people face when praying, including skepticism, impatience, and fears of possibly praying incorrectly. She offers simple ideas on how readers can focus their energy and minds to produce effective prayer. And while the author covers topics from spiritual warfare to the role of prophecy in our daily lives to the freedom found in living in godly ways, the central message centers on readers claiming and commanding authority, through God, in their prayer life. For Sampson, this means living in a way where you can “expect to see God work a change in your situation.”

Sampson is an enthusiastic writer, and her prayers and commentary are inspiring and uplifting. Many of the prayers deal with casting out evil and removing curses from our lives, especially when it comes to finances (“Let the Lord surround my finances with the fire of the Holy Spirit.”) and marriage (“Today I renounce any evil company that will try to infiltrate our union”). She also shares personal testimonies from her role as a pastor, which offers real-world advice on how best to deal with the ups and downs of everyday living.

Although many traditional Christians may be turned off by the author’s beliefs about God and money, those who embrace the prosperity gospel will find this book moving and motivating.

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