Pathway to Glory

Edmund Schiavoni

Publisher: Edmund Schiavoni Publishing Pages: 321 Price: (paperback) $17.99 ISBN: 9781961507944 Reviewed: April, 2024 Author Website: Visit »

In Edmund Schiavoni’s novel Pathway To Glory, a discontented executive striving for money falls far from grace until a stranger’s guidance offers redemption.

Accountant Paul Stevens is tired of struggling to make ends meet. Approaching 40, he’s disillusioned with the philosophy of getting ahead through hard work. With a recent inheritance —and after overhearing a conversation about a company’s promising invention of a new analytic converter—Paul jumps into the stock market, hoping to cash in and open a restaurant.

Meanwhile, though promoted in the company where he’s employed, Paul’s enthusiasm wanes when his salary increase doesn’t meet his expectations. Within nine months, Paul earns another promotion, but his satisfaction is clouded by the job’s burdens and the downward slide of his ill-advised stock investments. When Paul begins discussing the company’s lousy management with his former assistant, the two soon plot a takeover by initiating a proxy contest against the incumbents.

Schiavoni’s own experience as a financial executive adds authenticity to the story and its characters. Although fiction, the narrative incorporates interesting factual details of the ’60s era in which it takes place, including the economic concerns of the time, New York locales, and the living conditions on Manhattan’s Bowery.

The writing, however, can be awkward and wordy (“Paul’s eyebrows arched, etching his brow with a bevy of closely knit furrows”; “the obscuring of the sun by one of the cirrus clouds then flecking the sky prompted him to hold the collar of his jacket snugly around his neck.”)
Additionally, the majority of the novel focuses on Paul’s downward spiral. Only in the book’s final chapters does he find redemption. Unfortunately, this spiritual reconciliation wraps up too quickly compared to the overall evenly-paced storyline. At book’s end, readers are left wondering about Paul’s future and where his saving grace will take him.

While such issues impact reader satsifaction, this corporate takeover novel is laced with tension-building moments that could hit the mark with some readers.

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