Past and Future

Jeannette K. Leigh

Publisher: Xlibris Pages: 203 Price: (paperback) $19.99 ISBN: 9781503594586 Reviewed: April, 2016 Author Website: Visit »

A charming and hopeful inspirational romance, Past and Future is the story of a young woman with a troubled past who discovers love, family, and, perhaps most important, her strength.

Adri was raised in an abusive household, and the mental scars have left an indelible mark on her emotional stability. Because of the way she was treated by her brother, father and, later, a college classmate, she fears men and keeps her interactions with them minimal. The dangerous household eventually led Adri’s mother to end her own life, leaving Adri to be raised by an aunt. Despite her dark past, Adri now owns a successful antique business, although she constantly fears the return of her father and brother.

Max, a writer who moves next door to the shy, frightened Adri, is immediately intrigued when they meet during jury duty. He hires her to decorate his home and they form a tentative relationship. Max encourages Adri to step outside of her comfort zone, and his prayers are answered as he supports her and seeks to understand her. Love blossoms, and when he reveals his love to her it’s a stunningly beautiful and romantic moment.

Their story unfolds smoothly, and the questions surrounding Adri’s past add compelling mystery and intrigue; surprising answers are revealed with perfect timing. Max and Adri are well-written, multifaceted characters surrounded by an engaging, colorful supporting cast. In one of the book’s few flaws, Adri’s character is initially depicted as so incredibly fragile and naïve that it’s hard to imagine she has been able to run her own business. She is nearly unlikable until she establishes a relationship with Max and begins to show her true strength and conquer her fears. Readers will quickly overlook this misstep as the story evolves.

With its intense yet chaste romance, entertaining mystery, and engaging characters who find guidance and solace in prayer, Past and Future is an excellent choice for readers who enjoy contemporary inspirational romance.

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