Passionwalk: Don’t Let Your Blessing Slip Away

S. L. Plummer

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Passionwalk is an erotic romance novel that blends sensuality, spirituality, and a bit of mysticism.

Readers are first introduced to the main characters, Nehemiah and Saundra, through the perspective of Auntie, Nehemiah’s great-aunt, and one of her prophetic dreams. Auntie’s dream depicts a dramatic scene in which a couple reunites after a long absence, to find their love for one another has only grown despite the distance between them. Auntie recognizes the man in the dream as her great nephew Nehemiah, and the woman as the one he is meant to be with.

Throughout the book, Auntie gently guides Nehemiah, with the help of her spiritual gift of foresight, towards Saundra, the woman Auntie believes to be his “balance.” But like many relationships, both parties come with baggage, and their journey will be a difficult one.

Saundra and Nehemiah have intense chemistry from the moment they meet, and there’s plenty of sexual tension. But sex is not immediately “in the cards” (Auntie’s tarot cards, that is) for these two. Both have trust issues, further complicated by the fact that Saundra is somewhat sexually inexperienced. However, she doesn’t lack a sexual appetite, and though the couple doesn’t have intercourse until well into the story, there are plenty of well-written, original, explicit, and sensual scenes that depict many different sexual scenarios, including phone sex, oral sex, and bisexual exploration.

Despite their obvious sexual chemistry, Saundra and Nehemiah’s emotional relationship is tumultuous and strained. Their story is not for readers that don’t enjoy the ups and downs of complicated love stories. When they finally come together emotionally, it feels a bit quick and perhaps a little forced, but satisfying nonetheless, as readers will be pulling for this couple to find happiness.

Passionwalk is an original, sexy, and well-penned story, a pleasing choice for fans of erotic romance.

Also available in hardcover.

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