Painful Knee Happy Heart: Children Book

Evangelist Elizabeth Akomolafe

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In this helpful resource, Evangelist Elizabeth Akomolafe provides Christian parents with prayers for raising godly children.

As a Christian mother of four, Akomolafe understands the importance of praying over our children. She writes that “children pass through some challenges, and as parents, we must be there for them always with prayer and correction in love.” In this brief book, she provides prayers for spiritual needs such as salvation, wisdom, blessings and overcoming anger, as well as prayers against death, curses, drugs and more. Nearly every prayer is connected to a Scripture verse, providing the biblical truth or promise behind the prayer.

Akomolafe tells readers that she “tried to make this [book] handy and comfortable,” intending that parents take it with them wherever they go. She encourages parents to make a habit of praying over their children, for “parents who pray for their children always have peace of mind in the journey of life.”

The author provides a decent number of prayers for each topic (15 on average) and includes a “Bible Guide,” a list of verses corresponding with each prayer. Some prayers apparently don’t have verses for reference, so Akomolafe left those numbered prayers blank in the guide. This isn’t explained, and at first it seems as if information is missing.

Perhaps the most glaring problem, however, is the lack of Akomolafe’s voice. She introduces the book briefly over two and a half pages and then lists her prayers without further personal exposition. For seasoned believers, this might not be an issue, but some readers might feel the book lacks “meat,” such as guidance, explanations of how to pray, why specific prayers were included, the importance of such prayers and more.

Additionally, misused words, such as “gown” for “crown” and “month” for “mouth,” make the book appear unpolished.

Overall, though, readers looking for ideas to help focus their prayers and center them on Scripture should find this resource useful.

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