Leaving Brogado

Marshall Harrison

Xlibris, 314 pages, (paperback) $19.99, 9781453563366
(Reviewed: March, 2011)

Marshall Harrison presents this book as one Marine’s memoir of his experiences in Vietnam, but readers will quickly realize that these recollections are no more factual than those of George MacDonald Fraser’s popular character Harry Flashman. Leaving Brogado is actually a funny, honest, thoroughly engaging novel, published (posthumously) by a writer who experienced three tours […]

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Redeeming the Wounded: A Prison Chaplain’s Journey into Crime Victims’ Advocacy

B. Bruce Cook

Xulon, 232 pages, (paperback) $15.99, 9781609572990
(Reviewed: February, 2011)

As a long-time, nationally lauded chaplain for both crime victims and prisoners on the county and federal levels, Rev. Dr. B. Bruce Cook saw that the prison system was imbalanced toward offenders’ rights at the expense of the victims’ rights. Cook set out to change that by founding the Crime Victims Advocacy Council in Atlanta, […]

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Stranger: A Death Valley Mystery

Melissa M. Garcia

iUniverse, 295 pages, (paperback) $18.95, 9781450236911
(Reviewed: January, 2011)

Every mystery has its dark secrets, but the best ones reveal them with a kind of perverse, teasing finesse. And author Melissa M. Garcia does so deftly in Stranger, her second mystery.

Ex-con Alex Delgado and her brother Ric have fled Los Angeles for a new start in the small, gritty town of Lake City, […]

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Holly Gaskin

Outskirts Press, 76 pages, (paperback) $12.95, 9781432746612
(Reviewed: January, 2011)

If your kids love sitting around a campfire listening to ghost stories — in this case, super-ghastly ghost stories — this one is for them. Gaskin spins a horror story for the pre-teen set that’s not for the faint of heart.

Tricked is actually a long short story, set on Halloween. It’s the first time […]

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Blueink Best Book

Carlos the Impossible

JTK Belle

Incongruous Press, 45 pages, paperback, $5.99, 9781452877624
(Reviewed: November, 2010)

In this short but elegant novella, an aging matador from Mexico meets his greatest adversary in an infamous bull from the American heartland. Inspired by traditional folk tales, the author sets his story in an indeterminate time period, spinning a legend all his own with the compassion and verve of a born storyteller.

The novella […]

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Heaven in the Midst of Hell: A Quaker Chaplain’s View of the War in Iraq

Commander Sheri Snively, D.Min.,CHC, USNR

Raven Oaks Press, 269 pages, (hardcover) $26.95, 9780981992600
(Reviewed: November, 2010)

Commander Snively, a Quaker minister and U.S. Navy chaplain, served a year with Marines at a trauma hospital and morgue in the Al Anbar province of Iraq. This book–a well produced, if unevenly written coffee-table-style volume combining photos and text–offers reflections of her time there.

Snively’s strength is her heart. With great empathy, she shares […]

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God is Not Green: The Scary Story of Christian Systematic Theology

Patricia Lingenfelter Highby

Scribd, 133 pages, (ebook) free,
(Reviewed: November, 2010)

In this extended essay, author Highby proposes that the reason why planet Earth is in such dire straits environmentally is because of the anti-nature message that Christianity’s leading theologians promulgated during the early years of the Church’s formation. For example, the author argues that early Christian leaders put less emphasis on Jesus’ message of social […]

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Go Eat, Pete

Katie Nelson, Illustrated by Gail M. Nelson

LifeVest Publishing, 26 pages, paperback, $9.99, 9781598797343
(Reviewed: November, 2010)

Pete is a dog who eats all the wrong things. While a monkey munches on a banana, Pete eyes a pizza. While a mountain goat eats grass, Pete samples a cinnamon roll. A wolf, an elephant and a seal all choose healthy eating options; meanwhile, Pete is eating cotton candy and French fries and slurping […]

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Herby’s Secret Formula

Sue C. Hughey

Associated Arts Publisher, 221 pages, (paperback) $11.95, 9780981453958
(Reviewed: November, 2010)

Hughey takes a clever approach to the premise of the boy who shrinks, then relies on his wits to survive in a big world in this first in a promising middle-grade series.

A grade school boy named Herby accidentally spills a potion he’s developing for the science fair into his bath and shrinks to 6 […]

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Beyond the Summit

Linda LeBlanc

Ama Deblam, 280 pages, (paperback) $16.95, 9780978535308
(Reviewed: November, 2010)

This intelligently written adventure/romance novel details the lives of Sherpas in the Himalayas who earn a living as high-altitude porters for tourists who want to view Mt. Everest. Beth, an American journalist, has just arrived in Nepal to capture the “never-before-told” inside story of the Sherpas. She has brought along a top photographer, Eric, who […]

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