Knock and I Will Dine With You

Clara E. Garcia

AuthorHouse, 103 pages, (paperback) $10.99, 9781425955038
(Reviewed: August, 2012)

In Knock and I Will Dine with You, author Clara E. Garcia writes from a layperson’s perspective, acknowledging her humanness and brokenness and offering simple Bible-based advice, inspiration and insight on how to maneuver the highways and byways of everyday living: “Love one another. Be at peace with yourself. Help your neighbor. Be good to […]

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How to Succeed in Divorcing

Mi Sook Park Westman

Xlibris, 92 pages, (paperback) 9.99 UK, 9781469199573
(Reviewed: August, 2012)

Every year, more than two million Americans experience the upheaval of divorce. There’s no shortage of books to help, but what distinguishes Mi Sook Park Westman’s is her common sense advice and her willingness to share her gut-wrenching personal narrative. Many experiencing similar life changes will no doubt recognize themselves.

After 17 years of marriage […]

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The Adventures of Bertie Bunny: A Rabbit’s Tale

Rosalind James

Xlibris, 70 pages, (paperback) 9.99 UK, 9781469137278
(Reviewed: August, 2012)

Rosalind James’s authorial debut is a series of short tales about a contrary young rabbit named Bertie who goes on adventures and comes to realize how good his life is. Over 14 chapters, Bertie has new experiences that begin with a dream of flying to the moon and include a car ride to the beach, […]

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I Am The Living Proof: Jacqueline’s Life, Purpose and Parables

Jacqueline Mendoza

, 540 pages, (paperback) $24.00, 9781468509809
(Reviewed: August, 2012)

Jacqueline R. Mendoza was living a simple, unassuming life. Born in 1979, she and her family emigrated from the Philippines to California in 1993. Like millions of other young women, she attended high school, hung out with friends, laughed, dated her boyfriend and eventually went to college.

Then, in October 1999, a car accident killed […]

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The 13th Chapter

Graeme Boshoff

Trafford, 89 pages, (paperback) $11.65, 9781466921719
(Reviewed: August, 2012)

In his book, The 13th Chapter, Graeme Boshoff writes in an apparent fevered state of mind, sharing five recurring nightmares that he cannot shake. Though the book appears to be nonfiction, it’s ultimately unclear whether Boshoff suffers from the nightmares in real life, or whether this short manuscript is meant to be considered a novel.


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Fourth Millenium

Peter F. Round

Trafford, 192 pages, (paperback) $16.96, 9781426901362
(Reviewed: August, 2012)

This futuristic adventure from author Blair Yerxa has an intriguing premise. Five Air Force members take a maiden flight of an experimental aircraft with near-warp speed capabilities and powered by a revolutionary anti-gravity drive system, only to return to Earth after a short mission to find that more than 1,000 years have passed.

After decades […]

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Persian Pearl Tulip

Rafic Daud

Xlibris, 234 pages, (paperback) 13.99UK, 9781469183107
(Reviewed: August, 2012)

Love, poetry and romance collide in Rafic Daud’s novel titled Persian Pearl Tulip.

Jan Demir is a successful businessman in Lisbon, Portugal, with a taste for the finer things in life that includes beautiful women. While on a business trip to Tehran, Iran, he meets Golnaz Izadi. Naz, a Persian businesswoman from London who also […]

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Azelin Phillips

AuthorHouse, 28 pages, (paperback) $14.49, 9781449045227
(Reviewed: August, 2012)

Azelin Phillips’ new picture book features a spirited girl who learns a lesson about good treatment of a pet.

When four-year-old Emily finds herself at loose ends, a diversion presents itself in the form of Oscar, the family cat. But Oscar runs away from Emily’s grabbing hands. A broken thermometer had recently prompted Emily’s father […]

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The Red Velvet Leaf

Helen Breedlove

iUniverse, 208 pages, (paperback) $15.95, 9781475921830
(Reviewed: August, 2012)

Helen Breedlove’s The Red Velvet Leaf is a coming-of-age story comprised of equal parts romance and historical fiction. Set during the Depression in the rural Midwest, the narrative follows 17-year-old Rhoda Sue, whose father inexplicably kicks her out of the house by placing a newspaper advertisement to find her a husband. Rhoda is cast out […]

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A Life Reborn and Renewed: The Story of Alex Gross in His Own Words, Thoughts, Ideas and Lessons

Edited and compiled by Ty G. Busch Ph.D with the assistance of Justin Peeples

Trafford, 217 pages, (paperback) $15.86, 9781426961014
(Reviewed: August, 2012)

In 2002, Alex Gross shared his horrific story of surviving the Holocaust in Yankele: A Holocaust Survivor’s Bittersweet Memoir. Now, the story is retold in A Life Reborn and Renewed, a book edited by Ty G. Busch, who was allowed by Gross to reprise his life story again.

Gross lived with his family in the […]

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