Writings from the Spirit

Peter LeBuhn

Trafford, 90 pages, (paperback) $11.95, 9781426950667
(Reviewed: April, 2012)

An infectious exuberance and generosity of heart is on display in Writings From the Spirit, by Peter Benjamin LeBuhn. Ardent, bold and passionate, the poems fall into two broad categories: devotional pieces expressing the poet’s love of God, and love poems that are by turns yearning and pensive or earthy and sensuous.

At his best, […]

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A Life Worth Dreaming About

Nicholas Dettman

AuthorHouse, 221 pages, (paperback) $16.95, 9781468543001
(Reviewed: April, 2012)

A Life Worth Dreaming About is a valiant effort by author Nicholas Dettman to update A Christmas Carol for modern times. Carl, our present-day Scrooge, loves money beyond all else. He’s selfish, mean-spirited and misogynistic. But what worked for Charles Dickens doesn’t work as well here.

In Dettmann’s prologue, the reader meets happy, suburban, 52-year-old […]

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Germans Are Funny, Too! Stories Of My Cuckoo Kraut Family

Barbara Steingas

Gone Fishin' Enterprises, 207 pages, (paperback) $18.95, 9780975579787
(Reviewed: April, 2012)

Barbara Steingas wants us to know that her relatives were and are a pretty entertaining bunch, going against the stereotype of the humorless German.

And there are a few funny stories in her book. There’s a scene, for example, in which Steingas’ mother comes into her bedroom for the mother-daughter birds-and-the-bees talk. Moved to tears […]

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Gynecology: Three Minimally Invasive Procedures You Need to Know About

Maurice Leibman M.D., MSc, FACOG, FACS

Xlibris, 74 pages, (paperback) $15.99, 9781469165363
(Reviewed: April, 2012)

Medical procedures often become a necessity to control pain and discomfort as a woman ages, and past techniques have involved incisions and a long, uncomfortable recovery time. Today, newer techniques are effective, easier and much less invasive, says Maurice Leibman, M.D., in his slim book explaining some minimally invasive procedures that provide permanent birth control […]

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What Is Love?

Myung Sook Jang

Trafford, 109 pages, (paperback) $13.57, 9781412088923
(Reviewed: April, 2012)

The title says it all in this heartfelt personal story from Myung Sook Jang, a Korean woman in her 60s reflecting back on her earlier years. She describes the first 20 years of her married life as those of dutiful sacrifice, caring not only for her husband and three children, but working laboriously for her […]

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The Journey

Dr. Paul Scheatzle, DO, MS, FAAPMR

Trafford, 139 pages, (paperback) $11.99, 9781426933646
(Reviewed: April, 2012)

The Journey is an ambitious survey of medical and lifestyle factors affecting overall health. Among the topics covered are running, rehabilitation from injury, strength training, “tone,” arthritis, energy levels, and osteopathic manipulation. If that sounds like a lot to cover in 139 pages, well, it is.

Dr. Paul Scheatzle is clearly passionate about his work. […]

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The Archaeologist Reborn

Thomas E. Martin

Xlibris, 212 pages, (paperback) $18.00, 9781609768744
(Reviewed: April, 2012)

Set in 2057, The Archaeologist Reborn is the story of an adventurous archaeologist and his dream to explore the planet Mars.

After nearly driving off a cliff on a mountain trip in North Carolina, only to encounter an alien spacecraft, Professor John Cayman becomes ever intent on convincing the government to approve a mission to […]

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A Checkered Path to Destiny

Ivan Flynn

AuthorHouse, 165 pages, (paperback) $16.95, 9781468536461
(Reviewed: April, 2012)

In A Checkered Path to Destiny, Ivan L. Flynn chronicles the events of his life from boyhood in Jamaica through his time as a married man in America.

As an unapologetic memoir, the events of Flynn’s life form the plot. The bulk of the book takes place in Jamaica, where his troubled family lacked steady […]

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The Nanny from the Black Legume

Linda Rhys Seger

AuthorHouse, 104 pages, (paperback) $14.95, 9781467073028
(Reviewed: March, 2012)

In The Nanny from the Black Legume, fourth-grader Dane is visited by a miniature nanny who happens to live in a black bean. Nanny arrives with a message about controlling one’s temper, particularly appropriate since Dane has been known to punch holes in walls when he has a bad day, destroy flower gardens in fits […]

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The Battle Rages: A Soldier’s Memoirs of War

Martain A. Farley

Trafford, 123 pages, (paperback) $12.87, 9781426928611
(Reviewed: March, 2012)

At age 17, military school graduate Martain Farley is so gung-ho to “serve and protect” that he and his twin brother join the Army during the Vietnam War. Yet in The Battle Rages, he details an experience that scarred his soul for decades afterward.

Farley’s balanced, clear-eyed memoir begins with the indignities of induction (“bend […]

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