Lay Saints

Adam Connell

Adam Connell, 432 pages, (ebook) $3.99, 9780985485504
(Reviewed: October, 2012)

Adam Connell’s Lay Saints is a sleek homage to noir with a fantasy twist.

Calder is a grifter using his psionic talents to communicate with coma patients on behalf of their families. He’s recruited by Sotto, boss of a New York City crew that sells its unique talents to the highest bidder, using mind control […]

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Life Before Eighty

Arvid B. Erickson

iUniverse, 284 pages, (paperback) $21.95, 9781475931969
(Reviewed: October, 2012)

Arvid B. Erickson’s autobiography, Life Before Eighty, is not your average Everyman’s journal. Though much of this book will appeal to Erickson’s relatives and family friends, it is a historian’s jewel. American history fans will love this detailed account of the life of a railroad telegrapher in the early 1900s.

Born the same year as […]

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The Tangled Web

Phyllis Falls Rogers

AuthorHouse, 264 pages, (paperback) $19.95, 9781467834117
(Reviewed: October, 2012)

The death of a successful car dealer in the small town of Bibly is unusual enough to get people talking. But Hank Jasper didn’t die of a heart attack in the sanctuary of the Trinity Episcopal Church. He was murdered there, and his death sets off a chain of events that change lives forever.

Jasper, […]

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Oh, So Delicious! And Healthy, Too!

Susan Anderson-Coons

Trafford, 76 pages, (paperback) $10/84, 9781466932494
(Reviewed: October, 2012)

Susan Anderson-Coons demonstrates the power of positive eating through a recipe collection sprinkled with folksy wisdom about healthy cooking and diet.

These 30 recipes, which feature gluten-free flours, organic produce, and sugar substitutes, are the culmination of the author’s search for a diet to quell allergies, pain and promote better “intercellular communication.” Her culinary “sleuthing” […]

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In Spite of Everything…

Pat Coppard (Pat. C)

AuthorHouse, 482 pages, (hardcover) $45.77, 9781467883955
(Reviewed: October, 2012)

Pat Coppard’s memoir opens with the frightening German bombing raids on London during World War II, when Paddy (as he was called) was a young boy. Coppard describes in detail his family’s distress as they variously hide out in underground shelters or temporarily evacuate to safer housing in the countryside when the family home is […]

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No News Is Bad News

Amara Thompson & Addis Daniel

AuthorHouse, 102 pages, (paperback) $14.95, 9781477217450
(Reviewed: October, 2012)

The idea behind No News Is Bad News, a screenplay published in paperback form, is that broad comedy can be mined from television news reporters promoting themselves by creating the news they subsequently cover.

It’s a neat idea, if not entirely original — the brilliant TV series Mr. Show with Bob and David nailed it […]

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The Guardian Corps: Book One–The Argent

Daryl Edwards

Trafford, 542 pages, (paperback) $22.50, 9781426944918
(Reviewed: October, 2012)

This immersive shelf-bender of a novel is a grand-scale science fiction tale that explores (allegorically) several powerfully moving themes: sexism, racism, the power of faith, and, above all else, the seemingly inevitable consequences of combining religion and government.

The story is set largely on the planet Kerguelen, a world in which the Federal Church and, […]

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It’s Raining Tonight

Eralides E. Cabrera

AuthorHouse, 218 pages, (paperback) $16.95, 9781477232507
(Reviewed: October, 2012)

In It’s Raining Tonight, a classic tale of forbidden love, author Erálides E. Cabrera gives us John Russell, the good-hearted Caucasian son of a Jewish mom and Catholic dad, and Vanessa Foster, a sweet-natured African-American teen. When they meet playing basketball, it’s proverbial love at first sight.

But life darkens after John’s father loses his […]

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Poesy From an Irishman of Love, Peace and Hope: 69 to 96

John McKittrick

Xlibris, 23 pages, (paperback) 12.99UK, 9781462855865
(Reviewed: October, 2012)

In this poetry collection, John McKittrick, born in West Belfast, shows there is some basis for the stereotype of the Irish gift for the blarney. Though the book is short, its handful of lyrics demonstrate a lovely, lilting voice that is by turns affectionate and sentimental when addressing family and lovers or stern and admonitory […]

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The Hunt

C.C. Lea

Xlibris, 162 pages, (paperback) $19.99, 9781477128978
(Reviewed: October, 2012)

A good fantasy author doesn’t shy away from complexity. In writing a multivolume series with a distinct mythos and a varied cast of magical characters, a detailed backstory and carefully plotted universe are musts.

Unfortunately, C.C. Lea violates that principle in The Hunt, the second volume in the “Caprian” series. The author infuses the series […]

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