Insanity Plea

Dm. L. Carter

Trafford, 163 pages, (paperback) $13.96, 9781466966437
(Reviewed: January, 2013)

Steamy sex dominates this contemporary thriller about a woman who has never had an orgasm until she encounters a mob hit man who’s tasked with killing her.

Rae Shields lives a well-ordered life. She has to in order to hold back hideous childhood memories of the physical and psychological abuse she suffered at her parents’ […]

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Tego Arcana Dei: Forces of Retribution

Andrew Man

AuthorHouse, 188 pages, (paperback) $18.24, 9781477246122
(Reviewed: January, 2013)

Andrew Man’s time-traveling hero, James Pollack, is back in business in this second volume of the action-packed science fiction series, Tego Arcana Dei.

Pollack’s current capers, subtitled Forces of Retribution, hurtle him through time from 2010 back to 2006 and forward to 2059. Sometimes he channels Indiana Jones, navigating underground tunnels at the Egyptian pyramids. […]

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Pull Up the Ladder Jack: Seamen Behaving Badly

Eric G. Bennett

Xlibris, 181 pages, (paperback) $34.99 NZ, 9781479734757
(Reviewed: January, 2013)

Eric G. Bennett spent more than a decade as a British Merchant Seaman, beginning the day after his 14th birthday in 1945. On tugboats and tankers, passenger ships and freighters, Bennett crisscrossed the globe, sailing from his native England to South America, Africa, the Persian Gulf, and virtually everywhere in between.

Clearly, Bennett has stories […]

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A Bowl Full of Tears

Jeffrey L. Kubiak

Trafford, 99 pages, (paperback) $14.00, 9781412041676
(Reviewed: January, 2013)

The poems in Jeffrey L. Kubiak’s collection cover a wide range of human experiences, written in a voice that is always honest and revealing of his feelings. From exulting in the wonder of God to wondering over heartbreak and depression, *A Bowl Full of Tears* often takes readers to the well-tread, though rich, territories of family and daily life.

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Staying Happy, Healthy, and Hot: We’re the Brand-New Louie Louie Generation

Dick Summer

iUniverse, 183 pages, (paperback) $16.95, 9781475955606
(Reviewed: January, 2013)

In these 58 essays, author and radio personality Dick Summer shares his thoughts on staying healthy, happy and sexy as we age. The essays are lighthearted and generally humorous, though at times a bit too glib.

Summer writes that anyone with the right attitude can be a member of the “Louie Louie Generation” by pursuing […]

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The House of Dreams

David Charles

AuthorHouse, 292 pages, (paperback) $19.76, 9781477238516
(Reviewed: January, 2013)

This reminiscence of the author’s retirement, with his wife Hazel, from the UK to Spain is more than a memoir of leaving a country and searching for just the right house. It’s also the story of the hidden truth inside the Charles’ marriage.

The Charles’s decide to move from Ipswich, England, to Andalusia, Spain, where […]

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The Adventures of Muffin and Alexander: Off to School

Dr. Barbara Levandowski

Trafford, 30 pages, (paperback) $18.41, 9781466936911
(Reviewed: January, 2013)

The Adventures of Muffin and Alexander: Off to School is a back-to-school-inspired picture book starring two cute and curious kittens. They are perfect stand-ins for preschoolers wondering what school is all about.

Our heroes, Muffin and Alexander, are brother and sister kittens. They’re furry, friendly and curious about everything. While the children in the home […]

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Shadows Along the Zambezi

Diana M. Hawkins

iUniverse, 348 pages, (paperback) $20.95, 9781475954708
(Reviewed: January, 2013)

In Diana M. Hawkins’ atmospheric thriller, love blossoms between an elephant researcher and the head of the Zimbabwe Wildlife Protection League as they battle poachers and corrupt government officials.

In 2008, seven years after the brutal murders of his wife and children during one of the violent farm invasions sanctioned by President Robert Mugabe, Pieter […]

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Now What?

Barbara J. Hamblen

Trafford, 309 pages, (paperback) $18.70, 9781466964204
(Reviewed: January, 2013)

Now What? is a science fiction novel that doesn’t read like science fiction. It reads more like a romance novel with quirky comedy and a plot that happens to involve aliens. Although the story moves along with a fair amount of action, ultimately the book is about human relationships, not space monsters.

The premise is […]

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Diane Smiley

AuthorHouse, 34 pages, (paperback) $22.88, 9781477218129
(Reviewed: January, 2013)

Ollie, Diane Smiley’s new picture book, is a narrative poem about the eponymous gentle dragon and his human friend, Mr. Montgomery.

Ollie’s adventures begin when, as a young dragon, he is snatched from his home by a bird of prey. He escapes with some other captives, only to get swept away by a wave. Alone […]

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