Mommy and Daddy Will

Mike Jaffe

AuthorHouse, 21 pages, (paperback) $17.99, 9781477217191
(Reviewed: October, 2012)

Mommy and Daddy Will is an impressionistic picture book and poem that seeks to articulate the profound depth of parents’ love for their children. Written by Mike Jaffe and joyfully illustrated by his two young children, this book is a celebration of the magic of family.

Jaffe’s short rhyming poem thoughtfully tells its audience that […]

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The Baptism with the Holy Ghost

Ovit G. Pursley, Sr.

Trafford, 85 pages, (paperback) $11.65, 9781426955600
(Reviewed: October, 2012)

In his passionately generated book, The Baptism with the Holy Ghost, Ovit G. Pursley, Sr. expresses his heartfelt desire for followers of God to understand the nature and work of the Holy Spirit.

The book has ten chapters and features fetching titles like, “Seven Steps to Holy Ghost Power.” Chapter eight is charming, in that […]

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High Seas: A Matter of Blood

Michele L. Hinton

iUniverse, 376 pages, (paperback) $21.95, 9781450207256
(Reviewed: October, 2012)

Historical fiction is at its best when its themes resonate regardless of the time in which it is set. High Seas: A Matter of Blood, the second in Michele L. Hinton’s High Seas series, takes place in the mid-18th century, but its themes are universal.

In the introduction to her first book, Hinton explained that […]

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Just How Far From the Apple Tree?: A Son In Relation to His Famous Father

John S. Peale

iUniverse, 178 pages, (paperback) $17.95, 9781475926224
(Reviewed: October, 2012)

This is a book for anyone who has lived under the shadow of a famous parent. In this case, John Peale, the only son of the late preacher and writer Norman Vincent Peale, endured a lifetime of emotional angst over his complex relationship with his father.

The tension began with the enormous success of Norman […]

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Kingsley A. Ndukwe

AuthorHouse, 50 pages, (paperback) $15.25, 9781456774493
(Reviewed: October, 2012)

Author Kingsley A. Ndukwe is a student of behavioral science who says he wanted to do something different: write about animals instead of humans. In Co-Existing, he promises readers a recipe that will help owners of dogs and cats integrate both species into their home.

Co-Existing is a short book, with most of its 50 […]

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The Magic Book

Leonardo Deangelo

AuthorHouse, 117 pages, (paperback) $15.18, 9781477218464
(Reviewed: October, 2012)

Flying serpents are just part of the action as Sam and his dog Spot get pulled into another supernatural battle in this companion to author Leonardo Deangelo’s The Crystal Cave and The Lost Valley.

A man at a garage sale gives Sam a box of curiosities that include a book with cryptic writing. Sam flips […]

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Living in Spin: Narrative as a Distributed Ontology of Human Action

Andrew P. Porter

AuthorHouse, 313 pages, (paperback) $19.95, 9781467854788
(Reviewed: October, 2012)

In Living in Spin: Narrative as a Distributed Ontology of Human Action, Porter presents an ontological study of acts. The study, he states up front, is an inquiry “in service of the goals in theology.” During his discussion, Porter covers philosophers from Aristotle to Kierkegaard, Heidegger to Ricoeur. Porter’s book is complex and will not […]

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Clarice: Her Journey Through Life

Harriet Maxwell

AuthorHouse, 208 pages, (paperback) $17.09, 9781456777500
(Reviewed: October, 2012)

In Clarice: Her Journey Through Life, the title character begins as a teenager, escaping her rural roots for a job as a nanny in the city. In thrall to her employer and longing to imitate her seeming sophistication, Clarice makes a few wrong turns.

She develops an eating disorder and returns to, then leaves her […]

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Awakening: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose on Earth

Ping Li

Trafford, 265 pages, (paperback) $27.00, 9781425180553
(Reviewed: October, 2012)

Eckhart Tolle, wildly popular author of the bestselling book of spiritual guidance, The Power of Now, aims to help readers reach their greatest potential in the here and now by supplying help from otherworldly entities, as well as adding plenty of his own down-to-earth guidance. Ping Li, author of Awakening: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Purpose, is […]

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Paddy Colman

JohnBruce Boyce

Trafford, 408 pages, (paperback) $21.96, 9781466905344
(Reviewed: October, 2012)

For more than three centuries, the history of Uruguay has been a tempestuous parade of colonization, native revolt, civil war and unstable democratic governance giving way to ruthless military dictatorship–all of it enflamed by frequent economic catastrophe.

The most volatile period of all lasted from 1811, when Uruguay’s national hero, Jose Gervasio Artigas, led a […]

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