The Soil of Leadership: Cultivating the Conditions for Transformation

Britt Yamamoto

Amplify Publishing, 248 pages, (hardcover) $28.00, 9798891380554
(Reviewed: June, 2024)

Dr. Britt Yamamoto, associate professor at the University of Washington’s Department of Global Health, has also founded international leadership organizations. The impetus for this leadership book was the time he spent on a sustainable Japanese farm.

A fourth-generation Japanese American, or yonsei, Yamamoto was born in Japan but had lived in the U.S. since before […]

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The Payroll Process: A Basic Guide to U.S. Payroll Procedures and Requirements Plus CPP Exam Practice

Gregory Mostyn

Worthy and James Publishing, 384 pages, (paperback) $35.95, 9798218000400
(Reviewed: June, 2024)

Calculating payroll is a complex procedure, given the classifications of employees and our ever-changing labor laws. The Payroll Process has been published every two years since 2018 to serve as a first reference for most payroll-related inquiries. This is the 2024 edition.

The book is divided into six sections, each examining different facets of payroll. […]

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Tito’s Coconut Tree

Jeanne Bankson

Joyful Books Publishing, 32 pages, (paperback) $7.99, 9798218351670
(Reviewed: June, 2024)

A rhyming picture book about a young crab who learns home isn’t a place but a feeling, Tito’s Coconut Tree helps ground young readers in the joy of being with those you love.

Tito narrates the story, proudly introducing his mom and dad and telling readers about their home beneath a coconut tree. He loves […]

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The Reset Mindset: Get Unstuck, Focus on What Matters Most, and Reach Your Goals Faster

Penny Zenker

Amplify Publishing, 192 pages, (hardcover) $19.95, 9798891382299
(Reviewed: June, 2024)

In a world marked by constant change, it’s easy to hurriedly react to what’s coming at us, rather than take control. In The Reset Mindset, author Penny Zenker argues that when we pause and reflect at difficult moments, we make better decisions and improve how we interact with our family, friends and workforce peers.

Most […]

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The Goatman

Wallace Martin

Tesart818, 384 pages, (paperback) $14.95, 9798989917501
(Reviewed: June, 2024)

In Wallace Martin’s young adult novel, set in a small Georgia town in the 1960’s, a 14-year-old boy plays detective, believing the “Goatman” is behind a recent spate of murders.

The Goatman is a matter of controversy. Zeb Barton’s maid, Thelka, tells him she’s seen the man. He has a long beard, she says, raises […]

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Slaying Paradise: Legend of The Iron Warrior, Vol. 1

T.V. Holiday

KDP, 267 pages, (paperback) $15.00, 9798324850081
(Reviewed: June, 2024)

Travis Holiday, a San Diego-area police officer who has been married for 17 years, is involved in a horrific automobile accident that could have killed him. His mundane existence is turned upside down when he is saved by a mysterious man who informs Holiday that he has been chosen to defend others in God’s name.


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Human Beings First – Practices for Empathetic, Expressive Leadership

Paul E. Wolfe

Publish Your Purpose, 121 pages, (hardcover) $31.95, 9798887970172
(Reviewed: June, 2024)

“What if leaders and companies approached their roles from the perspective that we’re all human beings first?” That’s the question author Paul Wolfe poses in this brief book.

An experienced Human Resources (HR) professional who has formerly worked at Indeed, Condé Nast, and, Wolfe concentrates on the human side of business, proposing eight practices […]

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Go Far, Give Back, Live Greek: A Memoir

George E. Danis

Amplify Publishing, 312 pages, (hardcover) $28.00, 9781637559697
(Reviewed: June, 2024)

Greek immigrant and successful businessman George E. Danis chronicles his experiences and offers thoughts on how to lead a meaningful life in Go Far, Give Back, Live Greek.

Danis enjoyed a happy childhood growing up in modest circumstances in a close-knit village in Greece. He completed an engineering degree while longing to satisfy his entrepreneurial […]

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Kelly Vincent

KV Books, 342 pages, (paperback) $12.99, 9781958342107
(Reviewed: June, 2024)

Uglier is an introspective young adult novel, the second in a series, following a young person’s search for identity and community.

Nicole, known as Nic, is a nonbinary high school student who has just moved to a residential school in the Oklahoma City suburbs. Nic’s life now is far different from her previous one. Here, […]

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The Hennessy Lie

Annette Masters

Barred Rock Books, 303 pages, (paperback) $13.99, 9798989864508
(Reviewed: June, 2024)

The Hennessy Lie is a suspenseful YA thriller filled with mysteries and twists.

College student Piper, struggling with classes and her controlling mother, encounters a strange man who gives her a package revealing her true family history. Suddenly, with help from her roommate and best friend Mia, along with a newfound ally, Piper must search […]

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