The Nightstalker

B.J. Johnson

Carter Press LLC, 424 pages, , 9781524527617
(Reviewed: September, 2019)

 In B.J. Johnson’s novel, an underfunded, understaffed police department has more than it can handle when a serial killer – The Nightstalker – wreaks havoc on a local high school.

Detectives Linda Russo and Jackie Williams are assigned to investigate killings at Lakewood High, an alternative high school for “extremely aggressive and corrupt […]

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Rise Before the Son: Advice for Single Mothers on Raising Successful Boys

Jenieka L. Pearson

iUniverse, 64 pages, (paperback) $10.99, 9781532070792
(Reviewed: September, 2019)

In Rise Before the Son: Advice for Single Mothers on Raising Successful Boys, single mother Jenieka L. Pearson promises a roadmap to build trust and communication with sons, along with support and guidance to other mothers walking that sometimes lonely and difficult path.

Although divided into 12 chapters, including “The Choice is Yours,” “Sacrifice for […]

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Whisper of Hope, Cry of Despair

Vicky Bedi

iUniverse, 66 pages, (paperback) $9.99, 9781532057908
(Reviewed: September, 2019)

In Whisper of Hope, Cry of Despair, author Vicky Bedi describes a hardscrabble childhood in a family struggling with the effects of mental illness, poverty, and violence.

Bedi includes some family tree diagrams and discusses her grandparents, but the focus is on her father, Victor, with whom she was somewhat close, and her violent, abusive […]

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Good Morning After Supper

Tatyana Dickinson

Xlibris, 110 pages, (paperback) $19.99, 9781984567772
(Reviewed: September, 2019)

Espionage. Romance. Frequent flier miles. All of these—and a big dose of culture clash—come into play in Good Morning After Supper. Author Tatyana Dickinson’s novel features a heroine well-trained in undercover work who is surprised when she’s once again called upon to use those skills.

Alex (also referred to as Alexandra or Aleksandra) Campbell is […]

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Jeannie Nicholas

Eugenia Nicholas, 287 pages, (paperback) $9.95, 9780578490755
(Reviewed: September, 2019)

In Jeannie Nicholas’ novel Kalayla, the lives of three generations become intertwined when a young widow and her daughter move to Cambridge to start a new life.   

After Maureen’s African American husband dies in a car crash, she moves with 11-year-old daughter Kalaya to an apartment building owned by Lena, an older […]

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The Apocalypse Revisited

Dr Reginald O. Crosley

Xlibris, 264 pages, (paperback) $19.99, 9781543440263
(Reviewed: September, 2019)

Dragons, demons, angelic armies, the end of the world. With its cryptic language and often macabre imagery, the prophet John’s Revelation has perplexed, fascinated, and frightened people for almost 2,000 years. Here, Dr. Reginald O. Crosley offers his own take on the Christian Bible’s final book, issuing a warning to readers: “In a century to […]

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Ode To My Kind

Emmanuelle Gnahon Godo Solo

Outskirts Press, 51 pages, (paperback) $12.95, 9781977202482
(Reviewed: September, 2019)

With her slim poetry book, Ode to My Kind, Emmanuelle Gnahon Godo Solo gives voice to women’s feelings and issues.

Each poem represents a different aspect of womanhood.  In “You Mean Everything,” for instance, Solo explores the way women take on roles (“mother, sister, friend/ […] Counselor, comforter”).  In “Sitting Pretty,” Solo notes […]

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From Beaton’s to Beach Haven

William W. Fortenbaugh

Xlibris, 196 pages, (paperback) $101.99, 9781543428025
(Reviewed: September, 2019)

Chances are, most sailing buffs don’t know a lot about A Cats, a small class of racing boat, 28 feet long, 11 feet wide. Only about a dozen of them exist in the water today, and they’re concentrated in a small geographical area on the East Coast. But William Fortenbaugh’s book about the A Cat […]

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Advanced Lotto Rotation System

Joseph Zanko Vlasic

Lulu, 19 pages, ,
(Reviewed: September, 2019)

The siren call of a sure-fire method to win the lotto, or any game of chance, can prove tempting. Joseph Z. Vlasic outlines what he feels is such a guaranteed method in his Advanced Lotto Rotation System guide.

This is basically a slim pamphlet in which the author promises an invincible system developed after years […]

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Just Another Girl on the Road

S. Kensington

Troubador/Matador, 360 pages, (paperback) $13.82, 9781789018622
(Reviewed: September, 2019)

S. Kensington’s Just Another Girl on the Road is a captivating tale set in the latter years of WWII in which a young woman demonstrates strength and resilience and finds opportunities for love within the darkness of war and the light of liberation.

In Nazi-occupied France, German deserters brutally attack and kill Katrinka Badeau’s […]

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