Finding George Washington: A Time Travel Tale

Bill Zarchy

Roving Camera Press, 387 pages, (paperback) , 9780984919123
(Reviewed: January, 2021)

Finding George Washington’s plot sounds like an elevator pitch for a high-concept movie: America’s future first president disappears from Valley Forge in 1778, awakening in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2014. Washington’s absence from the Revolutionary War creates present-day consequences that threaten the very fabric of reality—unless he can return to his proper place […]

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The Last Eternal Sun

Merlin Turtle

Xlibris, 320 pages, (paperback) $17.99, 9781664100428
(Reviewed: January, 2021)

Merlin Turtle’s latest book (after 2018’s Dragon Diary Saga) is a wildly ambitious science fiction epic that takes place on a massive habitat that rotates around the same star that a mythical planet known as Earth orbited in a far distant past.

The Ring encircles the “last eternal sun,” and its inhabitants lead a low-tech […]

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Together Forever

L. K. Goza

Xlibris, 94 pages, (paperback) $14.99, 9781796094923
(Reviewed: January, 2021)

Together Forever is comprised of several short stories and oral histories of members of author L.K. Goza’s family.

The book’s first half consists of three stories that contain flights of fancy that border on cartoonish. In “Doing Good,” a consortium of world leaders decree that all global problems will be vanquished if everyone just does […]

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Robin’s Puzzle: A Tale of Adventure and Mystery

William H.C. Hatteroth III

Xlibris, 126 pages, (paperback) $19.99, 9781796053012
(Reviewed: January, 2021)

William H.C. Hatteroth III continues his reimagining of the Robin Hood myth in Robin’s Puzzle: A Tale of Adventure and Mystery.

Hatteroth’s second volume on Robin Hood envisions the legendary hero as a teenager fresh out of school. Robert of Loxley Manor returns to England following some exploits revisited in the introduction. These exploits included […]

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The Balancer

James D. Geissinger

James Geissinger, 278 pages, (paperback) $19.95, 9780984741823
(Reviewed: January, 2021)

James D. Geissinger, Jr., a former brain surgeon, prefaces The Balancer by noting that sometimes solutions to current problems can be found in science fiction, a genre that predicts scientific advancement. In fact, he further notes, his book offers a potential solution to the problem of mass murder.

At the center of his present-day, science […]

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My First Day at School/Mi Primer Dia en la Escuela

Dr. Liz Zafra Evans

iUniverse, 82 pages, (paperback) $22.99, 9781532080289
(Reviewed: January, 2021)

Dr. Liz Zafra Evans presents a dual English/Spanish children’s picture book in My First Day at School/Mi Primer Dia en la Escuela, in which a brother and sister get ready for school and enjoy their day with their teacher and friends.

Half the book tells the story in English; when the book is flipped, the […]

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The Witches Hollow

S. A. Scarlet

Lonely Lighthouse Publications, 388 pages, (paperback) $17.99, 9781951237011
(Reviewed: December, 2020)

Dark, haunting, and unique, S.A. Scarlet’s The Witches Hollow takes readers on a twisting supernatural and erotic journey.

When destitute alcoholic Arthur Montesque receives a strange letter about a new job paying a life-changing sum, he’s so anxious to improve his life that he doesn’t research what this job actually entails. A bizarre limo ride […]

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They Will Be Coming for Us

Kim Catanzarite

Forster Publishing, 387 pages, (ebook) $4.99, 9781735952208
(Reviewed: December, 2020)

Kim Catanzarite’s They Will Be Coming for Us holds readers spellbound as it straddles several genres. First and foremost, it’s a love story. But it’s set in a science fiction narrative and reads like a thriller, even though there’s no violence.

The love story introduces the book. It begins with a young woman, Svetlana, or […]

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The View from the End of the Road: An Autobiography

Jerry Wheaton

iUniverse, 802 pages, (paperback) $32.99, 9781663201386
(Reviewed: December, 2020)

Approaching his 100th birthday, Jerry Wheaton tells his life story in The View from the End of the Road.

A graduate of Colgate Medical College and Harvard University during WWII, Wheaton became a family physician in rural Ohio, where he frequently was paid in farm produce and livestock. When the Korean conflict ended, he was […]

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Heroes and Friends, Volume 1: Into the Forest

Rod Mortenson

Xlibris, 32 pages, (paperback) $17.49, 9781796079470
(Reviewed: December, 2020)

Three mice venture into the woods in Rod Mortenson’s children’s book Heroes and Friends, Volume 1: Into the Forest.

Curly, Spike, and Squeeky are friends who live in the Big Meadow. One hot day, Spike decides to head through the woods and to the pond to cool off. Curly and Squeeky tag along, and on […]

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