Winston: The Adventures of a Brave Austalian Rainbow Lorikeet

Dannie J. Taylor

Xlbris, 124 pages, (paperback) $11.99, 9781664103825
(Reviewed: May, 2022)

When a young rainbow lorikeet is adopted from a pet store by an older widow, its life takes a turn that leads to adventures both exciting and perilous in Dannie J. Taylor’s novella Winston.

As the book begins, the lorikeet’s breeder sells it to a pet store. After an unpromising beginning, in which the lorikeet […]

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From Me to You: The Power of Storytelling and Its Inherent Generational Wealth―An African American Story

Deidra R. Moore-Janvier

Amplify Publishing, 248 pages, (hardcover) $34.95, 9781645436232
(Reviewed: May, 2022)

A thoughtful examination primarily of the United States’ history of slavery, but including the historical presence of slavery around the world and the continued impacts of slavery, From Me to You presents a useful introduction to a challenging topic.

From Me to You was inspired by the author’s eight-year-old son Justin asking about slavery. The […]

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Oscar and the Awful, Horrible Smell: Troll Tales and Other Stories from Grandma’s Cottage

Betty Cetas, illustrated by Ugur Kose

Windy Sea Publishing, 32 pages, (hardcover) $18.95, 9781956277050
(Reviewed: May, 2022)

Betty Cetas’ children’s book, Oscar and the Awful, Horrible Smell follows the adventures of Oscar the troll as he searches for an odor that grows increasingly horrible throughout his investigation.

Oscar the troll is an intrepid denizen of his forest home, as comfortable with a fresh daisy or a fruity blueberry bush as he is […]

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Hotel Highway Very Most Famous

Sudha Challa

Archway Publishing, 108 pages, (paperback) $8.99, 9781665707879
(Reviewed: May, 2022)

In Sudha Challa’s moving novella, Hotel Highway Very Most Famous, an Indian woman discovers her remarkable strength and wisdom following her husband’s betrayal.

The story begins with a saying from the Panchatantra, an ancient Indian book of fables and folktales, that maps out its premise: “Better than a foolish son/ Is one deceased or never […]

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The Lady J Experiment

Kim Ekemar

Bradley & Brougham Publishing House , 229 pages, (paperback) $6.01, 9798419880580
(Reviewed: May, 2022)

A blend of near-future science fiction thriller and literary speculation, Kim Ekemar’s latest release revolves around three female clones who escape the torture of their research facility prison to enact revenge on the doctor who created them.

In the mid-21st century in a remote research center in Scotland, a morally bankrupt scientist named Sean Galmuth […]

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Deco Design: Miami Beach Style

Isabel Hill

Isabel Hill, 40 pages, (hardcover) $17.95, 9798985856729
(Reviewed: May, 2022)

The shapes and styles of Miami Beach’s Art Deco architecture are featured in the informative and delightful children’s book Deco Design: Miami Beach Style.

Paging through this book, featuring photos of prominent Miami Beach buildings like The Carlyle, The Cavalier, and The Crescent, is like taking a walking tour of the area—minus the heat and […]

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Chatty the Hen Pheasant Travels with the Pack

Linda Harkey, illustrated by Mike Minick

Archway Publishing, 28 pages, (paperback) $13.95, 9781665712743
(Reviewed: May, 2022)

A hunting dog meets a pheasant who doesn’t want to be caught in the humorous children’s picture book Chatty the Hen Pheasant Travels with the Pack.

Nassau is a Labrador Retriever on a pheasant hunting trip in South Dakota with his owner, whom he calls “The Great One.” Amidst a blizzard, Nassau gets separated from […]

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52 Weeks

Oscar C. Johnson, Ph.D.

Techbooks Media, 452 pages, (paperback) $19.99, 9781956529289
(Reviewed: May, 2022)

In 52 Weeks, Oscar C. Johnson takes a new approach to daily devotions with week-long topic studies for in-depth learning.

Where most devotionals introduce a new concept every day, Johnson gives “the reader something to focus on for more than one day.” In this versatile Bible study tool, Johnson focuses on one important aspect of […]

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I Am Not a Monk “Sponging Off” Buddhism

Venerable Master Hsing Yun

Fo Guang Shan International Translation Center, 390 pages, (paperback), 9781943211425
(Reviewed: May, 2022)

During 84 years of monastic life, Venerable Master Hsing Yun has filled 365 volumes about the Buddha. Yet as he nears age 100, disciples requested one more volume that distills their message. I Am Not a Monk “Sponging Off” Buddhism is that book, a dense but rewarding collection of 10 previously published essays that explain […]

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Dare To Be A Revolutionary Leader: People Are the Solution—Change Your Leadership Style

Charley Swords

PageTurner Press and Media, 244 pages, (paperback) $11.99, 9798886220759
(Reviewed: May, 2022)

Are leaders born or made? According to author and leadership consultant Charley Swords, people have the capacity to grow and develop their capabilities to become transformational, “soul-centered” leaders.

Transformational leaders, Swords notes, put people first. For her, employees – not shareholders or customers – are the center of every business. She believes that businesses can […]

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