Zen and the Art of Funk Capitalism

Karun Philip

iUniverse, 110 pages, (paperback) $11.95, 9780595205141
(Reviewed: October, 2019)

The rise of populist governments, from the U.S. to Brazil to the Philippines, signals a loss of confidence in political “establishments” with their conventional wisdoms. In this book, Karun Philip offers non-establishment solutions to social issues including education, poverty, and the challenges of entrepreneurship in developing economies.

Philip follows Austrian free-market economist F.A. […]

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Fourth Trait

Benjamin A. Bryan

Anperception Books, 384 pages, (paperback) $13.95, 9780997363678
(Reviewed: October, 2019)

Benjamin A. Bryan’s debut novel—a dark science fiction thriller set in 2095 — takes place in a near-future where more than 95% of the population has been wiped out by the Great Catastrophe, and those who survived all have varying levels of psychic abilities.

The story centers largely around Raile Alton, a renowned […]

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The Indian Hero and the Old American Man

Joshua Cody

Partridge, 198 pages, (paperback) $16.08, 9781543751222
(Reviewed: October, 2019)

The Indian Hero and the Old American Man tells a tale about two friends, one an elderly American and the other a younger, would-be Bollywood screenwriter.

The story revolves around a two-week trip the pair takes from Abu Dhabi, where they live, to Thailand. The “old American man” (also sometimes referred to as […]

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Why Are We Here?

Bruce Brodie

iUniverse, 446 pages, (paperback) $22.95, 9781532048548
(Reviewed: October, 2019)

Bruce Brodie writes that Why Are We Here is an attempt to “develop a synthesis” of ideas from experts on the topic of human evolution and where that might take us,” and present [them] with a unified perspective for a general audience.”

The first four sections cover the evolution of life from earliest […]

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Create the Best Version of You

Romulus Sirbu

Partridge, 230 pages, (paperback) $39.95, 9781543751352
(Reviewed: October, 2019)

On the cover of Create the Best Version of You, Romulus Sirbu, former president of Avon beauty products in India and Malaysia, promises to provide “Everything a man needs to know about why personal image is important and how to build the right one for success.” Indeed, his book offers wide-ranging information on the […]

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When Tigers Streak: The Michael Hart Story

Paul Taylor

iUniverse, 214 pages, (paperback) $13.99, 9781532071379
(Reviewed: October, 2019)

Hardcore football fans know the name Mike Hart. He was one of the country’s top running backs during his mid-2000s tenure at the University of Michigan, ultimately finishing fifth in Heisman Trophy balloting. His subsequent NFL career was short-lived, owing to injuries, and he moved on to coaching for various college programs.

But […]

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Watch Her Shine

Deborah Henry

Daisy Lane Publishing, 37 pages, (hardcover) $13.99, 9780648489290
(Reviewed: October, 2019)

A suspenseful middle-grade story, Watch Her Shine follows the adventures of a princess who is bent on protecting her people and land.

After the death of the Beloved Land’s Queen, King Rumba falls ill and remains bedridden, as no cure from his medicine men seems to be working. Meanwhile, the vicious Prince Damian […]

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Morpheus Speaks: The Encyclopedia of Dream Interpreting

R. J. Cole, MS, LEP

iUniverse, 602 pages, (paperback) $39.99, 9781532070068
(Reviewed: October, 2019)

With Morpheus Speaks: The Encyclopedia of Dream Interpreting, psychologist R. J. Cole offers a practical compendium of more than 5,000 dream images with notes regarding their meanings.

Cole has written two earlier books (The Dragon’s Treasure and The Archipelago of Dreams). He has assisted “more than three thousand individuals” with dream interpretations via his blog.


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The Tome of Ding

Terence Dingwall

Xlibris, 396 pages, (paperback) $20.69, 9781796001389
(Reviewed: October, 2019)

In his memoir, The Tome of Ding, Terence Dingwall relates a series of anecdotes about his life.

Dingwall was born in 1949 in the Seychelles and raised in Kenya. The family fled the Mau Mau insurrection and emigrated to New Zealand in 1964, where he joined the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZF) […]

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The Solution? Daniel 11:20-45 A Historical Interpretation

Robert W. Knutson

Xlibris, 408 pages, (paperback) $23.99, 9781524582128
(Reviewed: September, 2019)

In The Solution? Robert W. Knutson seeks to unpack the 11th chapter of the biblical book of Daniel to help readers understand the history of Christian belief and how some think true Christianity was derailed by the Catholic Church.

In his exegesis of Old Testament prophecy and biting criticism of Catholicism, the author annotates over […]

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